Reasons Why You Should Worry About Recessed Gums

We don’t always think of recessed gums in the same light as we do cavities and other dental issues, but they are just as dangerous to our health.

They’re all caused in part by poor dental care, but gum recession is not always publicized like its better-known counterparts. Still, the fact remains that receding gums are dangerous for you, your health, and your confidence.

Gum recession is easily noticeable. Typically, the gum starts thinning around its natural visible tooth-gum boundary, eroding further and further. In fact, it does this so much that the tooth begins to appear unusually longer than the others.

Because it’s easy to miss, gum recession can quickly become extreme, resulting in complete loss of teeth, permanent loss of gums and severe infection. It’s also a trigger for other bodily and bloodstream infections.

receding gums

How do receding gums come about?

If you have receding gums, you’re probably already wondering how you got them. A few ways stand out, as shown below:


Genetic predisposition is a reason you might have receding gums. If you’re genetically predisposed to get receding gums – as approximately 30% of the world’s population is no amount of dental care will keep it at bay.

Periodontal (gum) disease

One of the leading causes of receding gums is undoubtedly periodontal gum disease.

Hormonal Imbalance

Research shows that hormonal changes during various stages of a person’s life, such as puberty, are also a direct cause for receding gums, especially in women.

Rough brushing

Using excessive energy on your teeth while brushing is another way of attracting gum recession. The excessive force one applies on their toothbrush chips away at the gum until it’s no more.

Inadequate dental care

The biggest reason many people suffer from receding gums is because of their improper and irregular dental care routines.

One good example of this is minimal brushing. When overdone, this results in a gunk pileup along the gums that later attracts bacteria that eat away at the gum.

How to prevent receding gums

There’s a treatment for receding gums, but it can get pricey. If you find you can’t afford such treatment, your best option includes regular brushing with a ‘proper,’ soft-bristled toothbrush, making frequent stops by your dentist, flossing regularly and proper dieting.

Possible treatment

If you already have receding gums, there’s a series of treatment options any cosmetic dentistry can help fix.

The treatment process is usually comprised of deep gum cleaning followed by a dental surgery that involves grafting tissue between the tooth and gum to trigger the growth of new, natural gum tissue.

Shop around first for a good and affordable dental reconstruction dentist, and then get your proper smile back. The process of treating receding gums requires expertise, patience, and someone that cares about the result.

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