Poor Dental Health Vs. Healthy Life-What you should Know?


Having a poor dental health can affect your entire body. What many do not know is that most health issues originate in and from the mouth. And if they are not addressed properly by a best dentist that has the knowledge and know how to have a total body approach in treating your issues in your mouth, they can spread and cause problems to other parts of the body. Dr Anthony Mobasser is one of the best dentists in Los Angeles who pays attention to details, prevention, maintenance, and have a holistic approach to having your dentistry completed, with total focus in oral and hence body health to provide you a healthy life.

When you start practicing good habits by avoiding the “bad,” you are not just keeping your mouth healthier but you are also maintaining a healthy body to have a healthy life.

Prevention of health problems, because of Mouth- Body Connection

When you have good oral hygiene, you can prevent diseases of the mouth (periodontal disease, cavities, infections, etc…), thereby, eliminating the risk of diseases which may contribute to other health problems.

In one of the studies conducted, it was found that having a poor oral health could increase chances of suffering from oral HPV (Human papilloma virus ) infection, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection . Remember that this infection is one of the leading causes of oropharyngeal cancer, which is cancer in the back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils .

And if you have gum disease, which now days it is considered as a category of auto immune disease you are increasing your risk of various ailments. They can cause further damage to stroke or heart patients. And if the bacteria from your mouth combine with your blood, they can be a cause for heart disease, stroke and heart attack.

Other risks will include high blood sugar and chronic lung disease.

If you are unsure of the proper techniques on how to achieve good overall dental health, be sure to have a complete check up with the best dentist in Los Angeles. Dr. Anthony Mobasser, who is focused in helping his patients to prevent diseases, having a healthy mouth, hence having a better life. Dr Mobasser specializes in Reconstructive, and esthetic dentistry, but his main focus prior to commence any cosmetic dentistry is to make sure you achieve a healthy oral health foundation. After removal of any disease he always reminds his clients to brush their teeth and floss to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Unfortunately some patients can accumulate moderate to severe plaque and tarter, no matter how hard they try, and for those individuals depending on the enzymes in their mouth, or the acidity of their saliva a more specific dental preventive maintenance program is designed by this top dentist in LA.

Achieve healthy weight

When you practice good oral hygiene, you are also aiming for a healthy weight.


It is because you only want good foods to achieve healthy mouth and teeth. That said, you can avoid mindless snacking on, chocolates , lots of carbohydrates and foods with low ph and acidity. You will also need to prevent yourself from munching on sugary foods and drinking sugary beverages, like soda.

Aim to have both ? perfect body and beautiful smile

If you do not take care of your oral health of the gums ,bone and teeth, you are compromising your overall health while you prevent yourself from getting that beautiful smile. The consequences are more serious than a simple toothache or unsightly stains.

Thus, the best dentist Los Angeles dental office recommends aiming for maintaining a beautiful smile to have that perfect, healthy body.

At Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s private practice, we believe that maintaining a beautiful healthy smile is worthwhile investment considering what it can do to your overall health.

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