Oral Health Tips With Top Dentist Los Angeles

Oral Health Tips

Oral Health Tips

Your oral health is an important part of your overall systemic health. It doesn’t seem that oral health can affect other parts of the body, but it does since bacteria and plaque can travel through your blood to other organs in your body. Your healthy vibrant smile is also the signature of who you are, and what your represent. Whether it’s in photos or in person your smile and healthy teeth are a noticeable part of how people see you. Yet they’re easily overlooked and ignored. To get that perfect smile and make sure your teeth and gums are healthy you need oral health tips from top dentist Los Angeles Dr. Anthony Mobasser, with the experience of over 30 years to keep your teeth for the rest of your life, and design or preserve your teeth disease free.

Why am I in Pain?

When it comes to teeth there are hundreds of reasons, for the cause of your pain. The most common is cavities, chipped teeth, broken teeth, root sensitivity, infection among many others. Tooth decay, or cavities, are due to bacteria causing holes inside your tooth structure till they infect the nerve and the bone structure supporting your teeth. Decay and Cavities can also make your teeth more sensitive to temperatures making them hurt when you drink cold or hot beverages or pain upon chewing due to the infected nerve as the result of the cavity. If you like icy cold beverages you know this struggle. Sadly with cavities, there is no pill or medication to make them go away you must see a dentist to correctly diagnose your situation and restore the damaged tooth structure via white filling or alternative choices such as porcelain filling or restoration. This can be uncomfortable for many but for the most part, you are anesthetized, there are even top dentists like Dr. Mobasser in which their first priority is your comfortability and may employ oral sedation dentistry if dentistry procedures cause you distress. The experience of the dentist, paying attention to details, the longevity of the dentist work and the listening ability of the dentist are important reasons in why you must select a top dentist in Los Angeles to take care of your dentistry needs.

What if That’s Not It?

Aside from cavities, another major cause of pain is worn down teeth. Teeth naturally wear down over time or due to acidic saliva and then become sensitive to the exposed dentin. If you experience pain after eating acidic or citrus based foods this may be why. It’s still important to see an experienced dentist to confirm what the diagnosis is and what is the etiologic factor that causes the worn teeth, such as acidity, the bite, or other factors such as para-functional habits (grinding and clenching) among many. If these are the diagnosis frequent harsh brushing must be avoided, and one should have the salivary testing to avoid further acidity to erode your teeth further. Besides cavities causing pain, your gums may actually be the cause of your discomfort also and even your bite. Did you know that a traumatic bite can cause the nerve of the tooth to go dead, and cause pain and infection, which can cause root canals?

Your periodontal health and your gums like any other part of the body are susceptible to infection and if your gums are wounded or you’ve accidentally cut them they could get infected causing large amounts of pain. They can also be abscessed. This is in addition to potential gum disease though that is usually due to other causes. Visiting a top dentist in Los Angeles who have a lot of experience, with attention to details can prevent you to have any disease, and preserve your teeth for the rest of your life.

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