How the Celebrity Dentist is Taking Care of His Patients During COVID-19

celebrity dentist

It’s a complicated time to seek medical attention, and going to urgent care or the doctor might seem daunting given the possibility of contagion. As far as dentistry goes, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends postponing annual checkups, elective procedures, surgeries, and all other non-urgent dental visits while the pandemic continues. In cases where emergency dental care needs to be provided, it should be under very specific conditions. These are measures by which medical professionals and their patients can be kept safe during in-person consultations and procedures. The celebrity dentist is one of the many professionals implementing these safety measures as part of his dental practice.

celebrity dentist

Seeing the Celebrity Dentist While in Quarantine

As we all know, visiting a dentist at the moment is a risk you probably shouldn’t take. After all, we are trying to control a pandemic by socially distancing from each other. However, there will always be emergency procedures that could potentially need to be looked at as soon as possible. That’s why many dental professionals are implementing remote consultations through video calls to help patients determine what they can do in the current situation. Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the celebrity dentist in Los Angeles, is implementing these measures to be able to talk to his patients and ensure their health at a socially responsible distance. 

Remote Dental Consultations

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is currently implementing teledentistry practices to see his patients for consultations. Teledentistry uses video calls and digital media (such as pictures, videos, and the like) for dental consultation and care. A dentist can’t exactly examine you thoroughly at a long distance, but they can at least look around, see if the problem is bad, and hear your recent experience from you. At the very least, remote consultation with the celebrity dentist can help you determine whether he needs to take an urgent in-person look or if the matter can wait a few more weeks. There will be a few cases where the problem needs to be looked at sooner rather than later. Don’t worry; measures are in place to address these issues accordingly.

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Emergency Dental Appointments

Sometimes, the issue at hand will need in-person emergency tending to. However, when it comes to dental procedures performed on potentially infected patients, the treating dentists, and their staff are at a high risk of also being infected. To deal with these circumstances, Dr. Mobasser’s team has set up an office protocol that implements patient, personnel, operatory, and office safety for all involved individuals to minimize exposure as much as possible. At Anthony Mobasser’s dental office, we are implementing all of the necessary measures to protect our patients and ourselves when necessary. So, if you need an emergency procedure or a remote consultation, we can help you out. Call us at (310) 550-0383 or request an appointment using our website. Remember to keep practicing social distancing and be responsible throughout your daily life.

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