Holistic Dentristy Beverly Hills

Holistic Dentristy Beverly Hills

If you have ever been curious about alternative forms of dentistry, look no further! Holistic Dentistry Beverly Hills, also known as biological dentistry, is a process that considers a person’s emotional and physical health and well-being. Holistic dentists will use natural remedies that can be combined with more conventional ones to treat disease, prevent disease and diagnose problems within the oral cavity.  

You may wonder how dentists practice holistic dentistry and how it differs from traditional dentist visits. A holistic dentist will look at your entire body, not just your gums or teeth. They can then use that information to advise you on preventative options. Better this goes beyond your usual flossing, brushing, and tongue scraping. They can talk to you about better forms of nutrition, the benefits of curbing excessive alcohol intake, and/or quitting smoking. There are differing views on the practice of holistic dentistry throughout the holistic dentistry community. This includes topics like the use of fluoride to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Some holistic dentists don’t believe that fluoride prevents tooth decay and that it can post long-term health issues. These issues range from a heightened risk to things like osteoporosis. Some holistic dentists forgo root canals as they believe the chemicals used are harmful to the human body.

Holistic Dentristy Beverly Hills

This sect of dentistry also steers away from using certain substances and metals like nickel and amalgam and uses composite resin instead. The use of composite residents is also popular amongst traditional dentists as well. A holistic dentist may talk with you about the potential of removing any of your fillings that involve metal and replacing them with a safer filler, such as composite, to prevent any future bodily harm. They could also insist on using digital x-ray systems as opposed to the traditional x-ray so that there is lessened exposure to radiation. If you are interested in approaching holistic dentistry as your new form of oral care, you can look no further than Dr. Anthony Mobasser. He adheres to many practices that are exercising in holistic dentistry and can help lead you to a healthier mouth and overall well-being.

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If you are an individual that is conscious about what you place in your body, you may find that holistic dentistry is the best route to have peace of mind and soul. Depending upon your needs as a patient, Dr. Mobasser can take a look at addressing aspects such as the use of mercury fillings and speak to you about the role good nutrition can play in your oral health. If you want to move forward with a new outlook on dental care and want to be handled with care and experience, you should look no further than our offices. Dr. Mobasser, the celebrity dentist, has over 30 years of experience in the dental field and will provide you with an in-depth and comprehensive look at your oral health and how you can improve. You can schedule a consultation on our website or call our office to schedule.

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