Holistic Dental Care FAQs

Holistic Dental Care FAQs Los Angeles Dentist Free Consultations

Are you interested in receiving holistic dental care and want to know more about it? Our Los Angeles dentist answers some of the frequently asked questions about dentists.

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How is holistic dental care different than general dentistry?

Some people opt for a holistic dentist because they want to find more natural remedies for their issues. Holistic dentists focus on the whole body’s well-being, including oral health.

Typically, they will not utilize amalgam for therapeutic work, and fluoride is not used in treatments. The aim is to heal you as naturally as possible, and Holistic medicine focuses on optimizing your health.

A traditional dentist is going to be looking to take care of the entirety of the mouth. They perform root canals, use fluoride, etc. They also will perform dental implants, taking care of the patient’s bones, gums, cavities, etc.

What fillings are used in holistic dental care?

When performing treatments like dental bonding, a holistic dentist will use a composite material that does not contain metal. The use of BPA is strongly limited, especially for small fillings. When a filling needs to be larger, porcelain is used to restore the tooth.

Can I use insurance for holistic dental care?

If you are receiving holistic treatment, it is typically covered by your dental insurance. It should be noted that if you go to a dentist who is a specialist in holistic care is works privately, you may not be able to use your insurance. However, that does not mean that your insurance cannot reimburse you at a later date.

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You should be able to look at your dental insurance to find out exactly what it covers. A lot of policies will have a limit on what they cover per calendar year. You will typically be able to have your insurance cover a portion of your bill for holistic dentistry.

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