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Do you want a beautiful smile like the stars you see on TV? Like most celebrities who value the appearance of their smile, you can receive cosmetic treatment from our celeb dentist in Los Angeles. We would love to have you sit down for a complimentary consultation with us right away. You can meet Dr. Mobasser, the dentist to the stars, and receive personalized attention to come up with a treatment plan to get a smile that you’re proud of.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

The perfect smile is defined by several characteristics including the color and the width of the teeth. When you think of your favorite celebrity, you can likely picture their bright, wide smile. The smile that people usually want to achieve is symmetrical, white, has just enough teeth showing, and is proportionate.

If you have issues with your smile, you can consider a full mouth reconstruction. Patients travel from all over to receive this treatment from our celeb dentist.

A full mouth reconstruction could involve a few treatments. It will depend on your goals. If you have major issues with your teeth that require surgery, we can provide you with that necessary treatment. You can receive dental implants, veneers, bonding, etc.

This is all going to be based on what you want. We will work with your budget and consider your goals to create your dream smile.

Depending on what you are trying to get to, this can happen within around 4 visits to the office. We assure you that the time and money that you put into this is going to be worth it. It is priceless to finally be free of worry that people are judging you about your smile.

When you meet with Dr. Mobasser, you are meeting with someone who loves to help people look and feel their best. You are always a priority when you come to our office. We want you to love your smile as much as we love giving people the smile of their dreams.

Call Our LA Celeb Dentist Today

If you want to have a beautiful Hollywood smile, our celeb dentist would be more than happy to meet with you during your first free consultation. Together we can come up with a plan to help you achieve the look you love. Give us a call right away. Let’s get you on our appointment book!

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