Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures


Excellence and experience are just two of the reasons well-known personalities around the world opt for the full mouth reconstruction procedures offered by Dr. Anthony Mobster at his Beverly Hills offices. Dr. Mobasser has been working in the industry for more than three decades. For those years, he’s received numerous awards from various organizations because of his keen for beauty and exceptional results.His decades of experience and training allows him to perform even the most complicated full mouth reconstruction procedures and provide stunning results that last for a lifetime. He offers a wide array of procedures, like porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, and several others. Some of his patients require a more extensive treatment. Dr. Mobasser has the experience and equipment to fully rehabilitate and reconstruct their mouth.

Extensive Planning

A full mouth reconstruction includes a wide scope of dental procedures to complete the reconstructive procedures. This means that it requires extensive planning. Plus, it needs few visits to his clinic. Because of the complexity of this procedure, it’s only performed by a qualified and experienced dentist, like Dr. Mobasser. There are several benefits of undergoing a full-mouth reconstruction with the best dentist around. Those who underwent dental reconstructive procedures with Dr Mobasser were thrilled with their new, stunning smiles. Their confidence has gone through the roof and most of them claim that Dr Mobasser has changed their life. Any dental-related ailments you may have, such as bad bite, eroded teeth, worn short teeth, jaw soreness and TMJ dysfunction, are often alleviated after undergoing a full-mouth reconstruction with Dr. Mobasser. The cost of this dental procedure may depend on the treatment you will receive. It’s important to remember that Dr. Mobasser commands higher fees but he can offer you dental payment plans to make it easier for you to pay. His past clients said that they owe Dr. Mobasser a debt of gratitude as they have received impressive results. He and his team are more than qualified to address an invigorating challenge within the scope of full mouth reconstruction.

The keen eye for beauty, precision, and quality of Dr. Mobasser’s work will provide you with lasting results. With that in mind, you can finally get the smile that you truly deserve. He has a team of other specialists who will work with you and him every step of the procedure, such as Iv sedation dentists, endodontists and Oral surgeon to complete all the necessary treatment in addition that you might be needing.
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