Feel No Pain with Sedation Dentistry in Los Angeles

Many adults are nervous about going to the dentist because they have had negative experiences during childhood. One of the most common causes of this fear is pain during routine dental work, such as fillings or extractions. In some cases, this pain was caused by the dentists not giving enough sedation to ensure that the gum was completely numbed before the dental work began. Like 1 in 3 people in LA, you might be afraid of that kind of problem occurring again and put off essential dental work, leaving yourself exposed to discomfort, risk of infection, and other problems. You could achieve more by using a clinic offering sedation dentistry in Los Angeles. You can find a way to relax more when you are being treated.

Sedation Dentistry

Choosing Twilight Sleep

If you want to be completely sedated for any dental surgery, you may choose twilight sleep. This form of anesthesia allows you to be pain-free and relaxed, unaware of what is happening inside your mouth. IV sedation is where the anesthetic is given to you through an IV line, which might be more comfortable if you don’t want needles in your mouth. The drugs relax you, causing you less anxiety, and allow you to be perfectly steady while the dentist works on your teeth.

Benefits of IV Sedation

There are several reasons why patients choose IV sedation, not least that it can act very quickly on the patient. We can also adjust the dose to ensure you don’t have too much. That way, you have full control over the relaxation you receive. While oral sedation may be more common, effects are often unpredictable, and the sedation has been known to wear off during the operation. IV will also reduce the gag reflex that occurs during the operation – a serious problem with some patients that can be present during dental surgery.

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Have A Pleasant Experience With A Dentist

We understand that many people suffer from conditions such as anxiety, which makes it hard to overcome their fear of the dentist. However, if you need dental treatment and don’t think you can wait much longer, you should look for a surgery offering sedation dentistry in Los Angeles. Dental treatments in LA are often performed by surgeons at the very top of their profession. You can find a simple answer to your need for a professional dentist by contacting one of these dental surgeons today. When you come to Dr. Anthony Mobasser, you can receive the treatments you need, with a level of sedation suitable for you. If you have specific needs for sedation or don’t know what else to ask for when it comes to having dental treatment, contact our dental team by calling (310) 550-0383 today.

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