Do I need a Dental Implant or Root Canal?

This is a difficulty for some. A dental implant is a fantastic substitute for missing teeth. And it’s considered a second natural tooth.

When deciding whether to have a dental implant or root canal, you must know if your tooth is salvageable. And if so, the percentage on how much can still be restored to function in your mouth and for how long ?.

When the root canal is the better option

A root canal is usually done to save a tooth from trauma or infection. It involves removing the infected nerve and substituting it with an inert material that can last a long time. However, the root canal leaves the affected weak and brittle due to nerve and blood supply removal. Thus, a dental crown, inlay, or onlay is made and placed over the tooth. This is to prevent the tooth from breaking or fracturing. The great benefit to you as the patient is that you have kept your natural tooth, which is far better than ANY substitute, especially if the surrounding structure around the infected tooth ( such as your bone supporting your root) is in good condition.

When a dental implant is the better option

On the other hand, if the affected tooth had a cavity under the gum or to the extent of your bone, if there is a fracture on the root of your tooth, or if there is severe periodontal disease and not enough support for your tooth, then there is the possibility of extracting the tooth and having implant tooth might be a good idea. A tooth that doesn’t have a positive long-term prognosis may require a dental implant. A dental implant is a surgical procedure, and the success rate is fairly good; however, depending on the medical history and in times due to certain occlusion (bite), not everyone is a candidate for a dental implant.

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Per Dr. Anthony Mobasser, usually, it is best to keep your natural teeth as long as possible. If your tooth is hopeless beyond repair for any unforeseen reason, then implant treatment planning should come into the picture!

Before considering a dental implant or a root canal, it’s best to ask your dentist about the risks and benefits. You should obtain information about the prognosis of your overall tooth.

Conservative treatment

Most of the time, the top dentists opt for the more conservative dental treatment, i.e., a root canal. Maintaining what you still have from your tooth is considered the more conservative approach than a dental implant. Usually, if the root canal fails, the possibility of a dental implant prevails.

The Best Dentists will always try to save their patients’ teeth. For you, it’s better to have your teeth than an artificial one, even though an implant is considered as close to a real tooth.

Dental implants require a bit more work, and the complete restoration of teeth implants can take from two to six months, depending on how your bone heals. The procedure is painless, but it still requires surgery to remove the tooth and place the implant.

Because your tooth must be evaluated before deciding on its restoration, your dentist must be experienced. In this way, proper judgment can be implemented. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is an expert dentist with 30 years of experience in full mouth reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry. He treats other dentists or Doctors who trust their oral health to him and his decisions.

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Root canal treatment offers a longer-lasting solution than a dental implant that removes a diseased tooth and replaces it with a bridgework. However, the decision to have the root canal to save your tooth or extract and place a tooth implant depends on the existing condition of your tooth structure and advice from an expert dentist.

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