Do Dental Fillings Need Be Replaced?

Dental fillings are designed to replace lost of tooth structure because of decay. Although they can last for decades, they need to be replaced eventually. It’s especially true if you have the habit of clenching and grinding. Your dental fillings may fail.

Fillings that chipped or fell out can cause gaps between the tooth and the filling causing an entry point for bacteria. If the seal between your tooth and the filling breaks, bacteria can work their way to the worn filling and the tooth. Because toothbrush can’t reach that part of your tooth, decay may develop underneath or at the edge of the filling.

If left untreated, tooth decay can progress to infect the dental pulp. It’ll result in the need for endodontic treatment or the loss of your tooth.

Fortunately, you can prevent it from happening by going to your dentist’s office regularly. Problems with your existing fillings can be easily detected in the early stage. Your dentist can tell whether or not your current fillings are getting weak.

New Fillings Choices

With modern dentistry, dental material and techniques can create more natural-looking smiles. Regarding performance, several factors can influence the durability and longevity of dental fillings. These factors will include the filling material, where/how it is placed, the chewing load that the affected tooth must bear, and so on and so forth.

One of the most popular dental fillings is an amalgam. It contains silver, copper, mercury and tin. These ingredients make amalgam durable and highly resistant to any wear. Unfortunately, amalgam fillings can cause toxicity. That’s why Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a holistic dentist, doesn’t use it.

Instead of amalgam, Dr. Mobasser may recommend composite fillings. They are a combination of acrylic resin and ground glasslike particles. It’s a common choice because of its durability and resistance to any fracture. This filling material is used in small to mid-sized restorations in areas where moderate chewing pressure are expected.

What dental filling to use will be determined by your dentist. When you visit Dr. Mobasser’s office, he’ll examine your teeth to determine if your dental fillings are still intact, or they need replacement. Dental x-rays may be requested to detect decay under an existing dental filling or between your teeth.

If Dr. Mobasser finds evidence that your existing dental filling has failed, he’ll recommend immediate replacement. It’s vital that you don’t wait until your tooth hurts before you decide to replace it. Dr. Mobasser believes that early detection and treatment can reduce the risk of the need for costly procedures.

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