Ways Your Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills Can Fix Chipped Tooth

cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills

Breaking or chipping a tooth can happen to anyone. Thankfully, there are ways that the cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills can fix it. 

This experience is horrifying. You will be anxious as to what to do and how to fix it. If you are conscious about your appearance, you will surely wonder whether or not your tooth will be forever chipped. 

But, as mentioned earlier, a chipped tooth can be repaired. In fact, it is a common injury treated by Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a celebrity dentist in Los Angeles. His patients come from all walks of life who only wish to achieve a healthy, gorgeous smile. 

cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills

Cosmetic Dentist to the Rescue 

It is true that a chipped tooth can be fixed. But it cannot be done by yourself. You need the assistance of the cosmetic dentist who believes that nothing is sexier than a beautiful smile. 

He is a top cosmetic dentist in LA and considered by his peers as the authority in cosmetic dentistry. It is one of the reasons many celebrities around the world frequently go to his dental office. 

He has a keen eye for beauty and his patients undergo his cosmetic dental procedures for his reputation and expertise. For these patients, he is the only mouth reconstruction dentist who can offer them the best smile makeover outcome. 

Dr. Mobasser has been practicing cosmetic dentistry for over three decades. Throughout his years of practice, he has repaired thousands of chipped teeth with a gorgeous result. It does not matter how severe the damage it. Dr. Mobasser will find a way to fix your chipped teeth. 

Methods to Repair Chipped Tooth 


If the crack is only superficial or minor, then it does not require dental treatment. Dr. Mobasser may buff it out. Then, he will smooth it down to remove jagged edges. 


On the other hand, if the damage is moderate, then bonding or dental filling can fix it. A dental filling is an ideal option for teeth that are not visible when smiling. 

Now, if the damaged tooth is your front tooth, the better option is mental bonding. This simple procedure will replace the missing part of the tooth. 

Dr. Mobasser uses composite resin to restore the missing portion. Do not worry about color matching as Dr. Mobasser uses bonding material that matches the color of your real tooth. 

He will also shape it like your natural tooth. In that case, the result of repairing your chipped tooth through bonding will be natural-looking. And because it is designed by an A-list cosmetic dentist, you can expect it to last for decades. 

Dental Veneers 

They are thin porcelain shells that can be customized to fit over your teeth. Dental venues are typically used on the front teeth as they mimic the natural teeth shine, strength, and color. 

Unlike bonding and filling, dental veneers require a minimum of two appointments. The first appointment involves preparing your tooth for adhesion. Dr. Mobasser will also take impressions of your mouth. On your second appointment, your custom dental veneers will be attached. 

Dental Caps 

These are similar to dental veneers. However, they do not just cover the tooth surface but they also shield the entire tooth. They are used to restore severely damaged or weakened tooth. 

What if the Chip or Crack is Large 

If this is your case, Dr. Mobasser may recommend root canal therapy. However, the cosmetic dentist will first examine the severity of the damage. 

Typically, this treatment is suggested if the crack caused pulp exposure. The tooth pulp has blood vessels and nerve endings. It is also prone to infection. To protect the pulp, a root canal treatment is suggested. 

In this treatment, Dr. Mobasser will eliminate the dead pulp tissue. Then, he will clean the inside of the tooth before sealing it with a dental crown. This dental restoration designed by the cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills will prevent further damage to the tooth and restores its function and appearance. 

Why Choose Dr. Anthony Mobasser to Fix Your Chipped Tooth 

If you wish to restore your beautiful smile, then you must choose the top-rated cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. However, if you wish to obtain average results, then, by all means, you may visit other cosmetic dentists in LA who are not only inexperienced but they also do not have a keen eye for beauty in designing good-looking smile. 

Dr. Mobasser’s passion for cosmetic dentistry allows him to design a smile that is ready for the red carpet walk. It is one of the reasons Hollywood celebrities choose him over other cosmetics dentists in Los Angeles. 

Because he is committed to providing you an excellent result that can last for decades, Dr. Mobasser will give you his 100% focus when he designs your cosmetic dentistry needs. 

If you want to fix your chipped tooth and restore your smile, then make sure to have it repaired by the world-renowned cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. For a consultation, please contact (310) 550-0383

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