Beyond Dental Bonding in Beverly Hills

dental bonding in Beverly Hills

Have you been looking to improve the way your teeth look but aren’t sure which procedure is right for you? Do dental veneers seem like they might be a bit out of your price range? The truth is that not every cosmetic procedure is going to be a great fit for everyone. After all, people, their lives, their situations, and (last but not least) their teeth are all different. That’s just one of the reasons it takes an expert cosmetic dentist to help a person to choose the right procedure and method, then to make it a reality. That’s why so many have come to Dr. Mobasser for the best dental bonding in Beverly Hills

dental bonding in Beverly Hills

When Dental Bonding Might Be Most Effective 

“Dental bonding” might not be as well known as veneers, Lumineers, or the like, but it’s another of the many procedures that Dr. Mobasser excels at. It’s proven to be an effective solution for teeth that are chipped, cracked, or even decayed. Should some teeth be too short, or the gums have receded to the point where the roots’ sensitivity could be causing you pain, then dental bonding can be a fix. Dr. Mobasser has even utilized dental bonding for teeth that are very discolored, poorly-shaped, and even to fix gaps between teeth. The truth is that dental bonding can solve a great many dental issues. 


The Best Dental Bonding for You 

When you get a cosmetic dental procedure done, you want it to last. After all, you want your teeth to look and feel their best for a long time to come. Often, this isn’t just a question of the cosmetic dental materials, but the cosmetic dental methods as well. Dr. Mobasser firmly believes (and his portfolio bears this out) that cosmetic dental procedures last longer when tooth structure is altered as conservatively as possible. To use dental bonding as a specific example, the bonding lasts the longest that removes the least tooth structure. 


How an Expert Performs Dental Bonding 

To that end, Dr. Mobasser utilizes a form of dental bonding that requires the absolute minimum of reshaping and contouring of your natural teeth. As you might imagine, that makes it minimally invasive. While this procedure isn’t invasive, its effects can be dramatic. Dr. Mobasser’s experienced, critical eye can match the shade perfectly. That way, he can use his layering techniques to match your desired color. All of this is done for one reason: to make your teeth look how you want. 


More Than Dental Bonding in Beverly Hills 

That said, it’s possible that dental bonding isn’t the best procedure for making your teeth look how you want them to look. Perhaps another procedure could make your dreams become a reality. When you reach out to Dr. Mobasser, he or another member of his staff here will go over your options with you. That way, you can make the best, most informed decision. To schedule an appointment, you can call us at (310) 550-0383. 

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