Learn the Advantages of the Best Tooth Bonding in Beverly Hills

best tooth bonding in beverly hills

The Advantages of Tooth Bonding in Beverly Hills

Many people want cosmetic work done on their teeth to get a better look but are reluctant to undergo the detailed procedures that may be involved. Some patients do not want to have the structure of their teeth touched or cut in any way because they fear procedures of this nature. This fear can prevent them from getting things like porcelain veneers designed to provide a better look to the teeth. There are alternatives available to some patients so they can still get the great look they want, and there are advantages to the best tooth bonding in Beverly Hills that we provide here at Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

The Best Tooth Bonding in Beverly Hills Enhances Color and Shape

Tooth bonding can be a good way to enhance the color and shape of your teeth without the need to alter the structure of your teeth. While using porcelain veneers can be a more detailed procedure because of the grinding and shaping of teeth that may need to occur, tooth bonding does not require the same techniques. The composite resin is applied with the use of a high-intensity curing light. This process can give you a better appearance if you have discolored teeth or a chipped tooth you want to be concealed.

Bonding is More Affordable

Many patients are drawn to the best tooth bonding in Beverly Hills that we offer as a procedure because the cost of the procedure is more affordable. Since cosmetic procedures are not generally covered under any dental insurance, you will be responsible for the costs involved in any procedure you get. Tooth bonding is often considered one of the least expensive cosmetic procedures, especially when compared to procedures including porcelain veneers or crowns.

Find Out More about Tooth Bonding

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for tooth bonding, so it is a good idea to meet with a cosmetic dentist for an evaluation to learn the best options for you. If you would like to learn more about the best tooth bonding in Beverly Hills, please get in touch with us here at the office of Dr. Anthony Mobasser. You can phone us at 310-278-3384, and we will schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Mobasser, an expert cosmetic dentist, so you can talk about bonding and other techniques that can help you with your teeth and smile.

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