Benefits of Porcelain Veneers in Beverly Hills Other than Teeth Whitening

porcelain veneers in beverly hills

You know how porcelain veneers can make your teeth brighter and whiter. You know that if you go to the Celebrity Dentist himself, Dr. Mobasser, you’ll get porcelain veneers in Beverly Hills that will give you that incredible Hollywood Smile. However, that’s far from all that you’ll get from our porcelain veneers. There are so many benefits beyond simply having your brightest smiles. When you have your porcelain veneers installed by someone who intrinsically understands both the science and the artistry of cosmetic dentistry, you can have porcelain veneers that will benefit you in many ways for a long time.

porcelain veneers in beverly hills

Durable Veneers

There are many different ways that you can improve your smile and your teeth. Indeed, when you contact the Celebrity Dentist for a free consultation, he or someone from our staff will sit down with you and figure out the best way to give you your best smile. Among the different ways that we can help, few solutions are more durable and long-lasting than porcelain veneers. These don’t just last for years, in many cases, they last for decades.

We’ve put veneers on patients 25 years ago who are still wearing them today. In fact, they look just as bright and great as they did on the day they walked out of our practice. When we talk about the benefits of veneers, and how they’ll help your life, the most compelling evidence is our bevy of satisfied patients who still enjoy their veneers to this day.

Also, and this can’t be stressed enough, maintaining these veneers isn’t difficult. We’ve had so many people come to us through the years who’ve said something like: “I brushed my teeth every day and flossed. I can’t believe my teeth look like they do.” That can be frustrating and annoying. It can feel like you’ve done everything possible to make your teeth look great, and yet you may have still fallen prey to various ailments and problems.

Thankfully, when you get these porcelain veneers, that’s all of the maintenance they need. Just brush your teeth, floss occasionally – really, basic oral hygiene is enough. Should you just do what the first dentist told you to do when you were a child, these veneers can last and last. The people who’ve had their veneers for decades don’t have any great secret; they didn’t have some special kinds of veneers, nor did they have some incredible insight. Instead, they made sure to get their veneers put on in the right place, and then, after that, they made sure to take care of them in the most basic, simple way. You do that, and you can enjoy the benefits of our veneers for a very long period of time.

Beyond Fixing Discoloration

Whiter teeth are important, but they aren’t the only component of a Hollywood Smile. When you see a true Hollywood Smile, you know it. You don’t have to ask yourself: “Is this the real thing, or not?” Instead, you know from the moment you look at it exactly what it is. Yes, having bright, white teeth is a part of that. However, you also have to have uniform teeth, too. Your smile has to match your mouth, your face, your body. And, (this is critically important) there can’t be any gaps in your teeth, either.

Even the brightest, whitest smile is going to look a bit dimmer and less attractive if there are gaps between the teeth. Or, if there are noticeable cracks in your teeth, that can take away from even blindingly white smile. Getting your porcelain veneers in Beverly Hills can fix all of these problems as well as others. That way, you can have a whiter smile that allows you to reap all of the benefits of one as well.

Porcelain Veneers that Look Natural

We all know someone that has discolored teeth, and what that does to their smile. It can be a bit of a “turn-off,” something that makes you turn your head, even when the person is smiling. However, the same can be said of someone that gets some kind of dental work that makes their smile too bright and “fake” for their mouth. We also probably all know someone who, in their zeal to have a better smile, got cosmetic dentistry work done by someone who simply made their teeth as white as possible.

Yes, whiter teeth can be great, but if they don’t look natural, or they don’t seem to match you, then they may not make you more attractive. Instead, they could look opaque and artificial. That’s not what we all want when we want a brighter, whiter smile. We all want a brighter, whiter smile that is ours – that fits into our mouths as well as our lives. That’s one more way that Dr. Mobasser can make porcelain veneers right for you.

See, when he puts in your porcelain veneers (or really, any of his other cosmetic dentistry practices) he makes sure that they look organic to your body. That means that he makes sure your natural smile is just that: your natural smile. You’ll get a brighter, whiter smile – but, one that fits you. So, instead of thinking “wow, that person got some work done,” people will be too enraptured by your new smile to notice. They’ll think that your teeth have looked like that for your entire life, which is the effect that you’re going for. When he puts porcelain veneers on your mouth, they’ll look like that was just the way your enamel always did.

In Only a Few Visits

Here at the Celebrity Dentist, we’ve had patients that we’ve seen for many years. Some of the biggest celebrities, politicians, heads of state and more – the most famous people in the world have come here, as well as plenty of others who are just looking for a great, new smile. However, we also understand that folks can be a little reticent about going to see the dentist, even the Celebrity Dentist. One of the many benefits of porcelain veneers is that you can get an entire treatment in just a few visits.

So, as opposed to some other treatments that could keep you coming in over and over again, with porcelain veneers, you only need to come in a few times and that’ll be all that you need. Of all of our procedures, this is the one where people tend to see some of the biggest improvements in the shortest amount of time. We understand how important your smile is to you, so we’re always glad to get you the results as quickly as you would like.

Additionally, getting porcelain veneers put on doesn’t really require any recovery time, either. So, you don’t have to worry about taking copious amounts of time off of work to get better teeth, or rearranging your schedule for days (or weeks) on end just because you want to have a better smile. Just as we can offer a natural smile treatment that fits naturally, we can find a way to schedule your porcelain veneers installation that fits naturally into your life, too.

Porcelain Veneers in Beverly Hills and More

Porcelain veneers in Beverly Hills are some of the most popular treatments that Dr. Mobasser offers. However, there are many more methods available to give you your best-looking smile. Dr. Mobasser can also provide crowns, bridges, full mouth reconstructions and so many more. Not sure which treatment is right for you? That’s perfectly understandable. It’s also why we have free consultations. When you know that you want a brighter smile, but aren’t sure exactly how to make it happen, give us a call at (310) 550-0383. We’ll go over our options, and layout which look right for you. From there, you can make the best, most informed decision.

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