An Overview of Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry

los angeles cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a complex field. What people often consider to be simple smile fixes or teeth whitening is a wide array of procedures that tackle widely different aspects of dental aesthetics. Indeed, Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry is a wide-ranging field with plenty of solutions for the cosmetic issues you might be struggling with. Here are a few procedures that make up the practice and how they can help.

Teeth Whitening

As indicated by the procedure’s name, teeth whitening is a process by which the color of teeth is lightened to improve their appearance. This is done by either changing the intrinsic color of the person’s teeth, essentially “dyeing” them white and bleaching them, or by removing and controlling the appearance of stains and color on the teeth, restoring them to their original color. The former process is known as bleaching, while the latter is teeth whitening. Both are very effective procedures hailed for their positive results. However, it will ultimately depend on your specific case. Your specific wishes, as well as the Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry professional you consult, will determine which method will be more appropriate for your situation.

los angeles cosmetic dentistry


Dental Bridges

To replace one or more missing teeth, dental bridges can be implemented to restore the look and functionality of the bite. To properly establish a bridge, the two teeth at each end of the gap are prepared, for these will be the ones holding the bridge up. The bridge comprises abutments, the two real teeth holding the structure up, and the false teeth, commonly called pontics. Different kinds of bridges will be implemented, and their use will ultimately depend on where exactly in the mouth are the missing teeth located. Once fixed, these bridges can’t be removed, unlike partial dentures. They will require serious hygiene attention to last for their intended lifespan of around ten years.

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Dental Implants

On the other hand, dental implants are prosthetic teeth that replace a missing tooth by fixing the false crown to the bone of the jaw or the skull. These act as orthodontic anchors to replace entire teeth with functional crowns. Through dental implants, cosmetic dentists can improve the mouth’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. These are often used when patients lose a whole tooth for various reasons. While veneers, for example, can be good solutions for superficial damage, deeper issues resulting in tooth loss will often call for entirely new replacements. This way, full functionality can be ultimately restored to the mouth.

Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry

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