All About Dental Bonding

All About Dental Bonding Dental Bonding in Beverly Hills

Have you been wondering what dental bonding is? You may have heard that a friend or family member has gotten dental bonding but you’re not quite sure what it all means. If you need dental bonding is usually means that you have a discolored, chipped or slightly decayed tooth. Dental bonding works as an efficient, cost-effective way of bonding tooth-colored resin to your tooth. Bonding makes those problems such as minor chips, small gaps, and discolored teeth and it’s also great for filling cavities. Dental bonding is usually a quick procedure that only takes about half an hour to an hour in a dentist’s chair per tooth. If ever you are looking for a dental bonding in Beverly Hills, you can go to Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles

So, how dental bonding is done? Dental bonding is a simple process that doesn’t require a patient to have anesthesia (unless it’s the fill a decayed tooth). Your dentist will use a shade guide to best match the natural color of your tooth. From there the surface of the affected tooth is roughed up. A conditioning liquid is them applied that helps to assist the bonding material to adhere best to the tooth. Following that stage the tooth-colored resin is placed where it is them molded, smoothed and worked into a natural, desired shape. When the shaping and smoothing are complete the dentist will then use an ultraviolet laser or light that hardens the bonding resin. If needed the dentist will the shape and trim the binding if necessary before polishing it to match the surface of the rest of your teeth. This entire process shouldn’t take more than an hour per tooth and before you aren’t using anesthesia you should be able to return to your usual activities following your visit.

All About Dental Bonding Dental Bonding in Beverly Hills1

You may be wondering how dental bonding differs from a procedure like a veneer. These procedures are two different ways to get similar results. Dental bonding can be considered a more simplified process to cover a tooth while a veneer is a restorative cover that is placed over the tooth. Veneer is placed to protect your teeth from damage or improve your overall look. Veneers are also made customer in a dental lab and have an expiration date between a decade and 25 years. Cosmetic dental bonding is a much faster, simple and less costly procedure than getting veneers. Dental bonds may need to be touched up or even replaced in the five to ten years after getting them but are much less invasive and expensive than veneers.

If you are interested in dental bonding as a solution for cracked teeth, gaps or other issues with your teeth you can talk to Dr. Mobasser for a seasoned and expert opinion on the matter. Dr. Mobasser has over 30 years of experience in the dental field and can point in your in the best direction for your oral health. If you would like to schedule an appointment you can do so by following the link on our homepage or by calling (310) 550-0383. We can’t wait to make your smile the best yet!

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