A Full Mouth Reconstruction in Los Angeles

A Full Mouth Reconstruction in Los Angeles

When we say “full mouth reconstruction,” not everyone knows what that term means. It sounds like a very large procedure, or something that might even be impossible. Indeed, “full mouth reconstruction” sounds a bit like something from science fiction: a person takes your entire mouth out of your head, rebuilds it, and then puts it back in. Of course, the truth is nothing like that. Dr. Mobasser can do a full mouth reconstruction in Los Angeles that can make your mouth look better and feel better. In this blog, we’ll go over what this procedure is, what you can expect from it, and why you should choose our Dr. Mobasser to perform it.

Why Full Mouth Reconstruction in Los Angeles

One question we often get is “why would I need a full mouth reconstruction?” Well, usually this procedure is necessary to correctly balance a person’s bite. If that doesn’t happen, then you may find that your teeth wear out, become uneven or even cracked. That and other conditions could lead to the impairment of your chewing ability. You could have an increased or even overwhelming sensitivity in your mouth, which will make chewing (or even talking) that much more difficult. This type of reconstruction can help with large spaces that may develop between your teeth, causing food to accumulate and leading to bad breath or worse. Some people have that their teeth may even flare out, pointing forward or shifting badly. These are just some of the reasons that you may need this kind of reconstruction.

A Full Mouth Reconstruction in Los Angeles

What the Reconstruction Does

If you’re struggling a bit to use the word “reconstruction,” think instead about using the word “balance.” In the end, that’s the main purpose of such a reconstruction. It’s to create a balanced between all of the parts of your mouth. So, when Dr. Mobasser does this kind of reconstruction, he’s making sure that there’s a comfortable, supportive balance between your gums, your bones, your teeth, your chewing muscles and your jaws. When they work together, in tandem and in harmony, your mouth will feel and look that much better. Beyond that, you’ll find that your overall health and indeed quality of life can improve, too.

Added Features of the Reconstruction

Another function that such a reconstruction can hold is that it can restore your cosmetic teeth form to its absolute best, most visually pleasing form. For most people, their mouth didn’t start out in an unbalanced form. They didn’t grow up (or start from birth) by having protruding teeth and other unsightly issues with their dental health. Those developed over time. Somewhere along the way, these problems began. What this kind of reconstruction can do is to set everything back the way it’s supposed to be. This reconstruction can restore your mouth to the way it was, to the way that it was always supposed to be.

What Reconstruction Can Include

A lot can go into a reconstruction. Typically, the way the process works is, Dr. Mobasser or one of his associates meets with you to figure out exactly what is necessary. Then, he makes a plan as to what to do to make your mouth look its very best. Then, he and the rest of us on his staff avail ourselves of whatever it takes to make your mouth look as it should. That could include dental bonding. Many times we do end up using porcelain veneers. Dental crowns, veneer onlays, dental implants and more — those just a few of the procedures that can be used in a reconstruction. Whatever it takes; that’s what we do here at the Celebrity Dentist.

The designing of a full mouth reconstruction takes many factors into account. Typically, Dr. Mobasser and his staff design the width and height of the teeth so that the supporting roots aren’t overloaded by the new porcelain restoration. The idea is for everything to work together. So, the plan involves making sure that the width and length proportions look great in the mouth. Additionally, they have to work in concert with your lips, face, eye color and skin. Once that’s taken care of, and your entire body looks great, then and only then is the reconstruction complete.

We understand that you might be a bit reticent about a procedure called “full mouth reconstruction.” That’s completely natural and understandable. Dr. Mobasser only prescribes this particular procedure should it be necessary. When you schedule consultation with us, we figure out exactly what you need. A major part of Dr. Mobasser’s practice is to do as little as possible, in the least invasive way. That way, as much of your natural beauty and organic tooth structure can come out. To schedule that consultation, give us a call at (310) 550-0383 or head to our website.

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