7 Tips to Whiter Teeth

7 Tips to Whiter Teeth

There is no doubt that some over the counter products and toothpastes can lead to whiter teeth. But they can be very abrasive, can take a long time and can do more harm than good to your teeth. Some of the abrasive tooth pastes can cause root sensitivity, specially for people who have gum recessions.

That said, it is essential that you contact the best dentist in Los Angeles to give you personalized whitening dental treatment on where to start and how to achieve whiter teeth.

Listed below are the most effective ways to achieve whiter teeth, or maintain the color of your white teeth if you even had Bleaching or teeth whitening done by dentist, in the safest way.

1. Cut back on dark beverages

Coffee, black tea and red wine are just few of the dark beverages that can stain your teeth and weaken them over time. Use a straw when you drink them, if you cannot avoid them. Then, make sure that you visit the clinic of the best dentist in Los Angeles , or nearby for a routine teeth cleaning.

2. Brush and floss your teeth

Plaque buildup and stains can discolor your teeth. To keep your mouth health and achieve whiter teeth, make sure that you brush them regularly. If possible, brush them after every meal using a gentle brush and toothpaste. Flossing not only avoids gum disease, and cavities, it can help avoid stains on the side of your teeth.

3. Obtain the right tools

To obtain the whiter teeth that you wish, you must invest in a right cleaning tool kit. For instance, you must opt for a mechanical or automatic toothbrush to better remove plaque. It is a worthwhile investment. If you are using the automatic tooth brushes, such as sonicare or other Oral B, automatic brushes, ask your dentist if that is recommended, depending on the texture of your gums, they can remove plaque better, but can cause recessions of the gums.

4. Consult an expert

In-office teeth whitening is still the best way to get whiter teeth, but know the result is not permanent. This is especially true if you have sensitive teeth. In this way, the teeth whitening process must be monitored by your dentist.
Dr. Anthony Mobasser, is a celebrity dentist in Los Angeles, he can help minimize sensitivity of your teeth through the use of desensitizing bonding procedures prior to having your teeth whitened or bleached. It is vital that the cosmetic dentist checks your teeth prior to having any teeth whitening, to make sur there will be no irreversible damage to your teeth, and the nerves!

5. Obtain a custom fit

Over the counter whiteners may help but the results are not long-lasting, and may take the longest time. But, should you wish to obtain at-home whitening treatment, make sure that it is prescribed by the best dentist in Los Angeles.
Dr. Mobasser offers his patients at-home treatments to whiten their teeth. He can customize, special fit trays and splints to fit your teeth perfectly to obtain whiter teeth.

6. Remove cavities, check for gum disease

Whiter teeth can only be achieved once all cavities have been removed. Have your teeth checked by a reliable dentist in Los Angeles for cavities. The best dentists in Los Angeles, would not even recommend teeth whitening if gums are not checked for disease! Dr Anthony Mobasser recommends a proper check up by an expert dentist prior to you having your teeth whitened, to avoid further complications.

7. Maintain good overall oral health and diet

With good overall oral health, your teeth will not have cavities and no stains, giving you whiter teeth.

For a more permanent teeth whitening result, you must seek the best dentist Los Angeles services to obtain the perfect treatment that you need for your dental problems. Dr. Anthony Mobasser offers teeth whitening treatments and products that can brighten your teeth, which are safe and effective. He will monitor the result personally to make sure that you will have beautifully whiter smile in no time.

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