What procedure can be done to make my tiny teeth bigger?

What procedure can be done to make my tiny teeth bigger

My teeth are so tiny. Every time I smile it looks like I don’t have any teeth. And I hate the little gap between my two front teeth. I want to enhance the size of my teeth but I don’t want huge teeth like Hilary duff’s or to end up looking like a horse. Please help! What procedure will be best for me?

A: You have 3 options:

Porcelain Veneers vs Teeth Bleaching and Dental Bonding vs Invisalign and Teeth Whitening

For a permanent solution, what you want is a brighter, fuller smile, you can achieve this by placing dental veneers, to give you a fuller permanent smile, by adding bulk to the front teeth, and specially back teeth to cover the dark space between your teeth and cheek ( the buccal corridor). Now if the porcelain veneers are white, they will already enhance the size of your teeth and make them look bigger. The whiter your teeth the bigger they will look to the eye. Porcelain veneers are a permanent solution and it will cost you the most, length of time to achieve your results is about a week or less.
2- Second choice: Start bleaching and whitening your teeth, and after place dental bonding., to add bulk and close the gap between your front teeth. Cost is less than porcelain veneers, duration about 2 or 3 months to achieve the desired results, the con of this is, teeth whitening and bleaching teeth results are unpredictable and not permanent, color can change, also the dental bonding procedure due to the composite material can stain, and it is not as strong as porcelain veneer material.
3- Your third option : have orthodontic or invisalign treatment and tooth movement , which can take about a year, and do teeth whitening, and you will be needing to wear a retainer to keep the position of your teeth stable, so they do not go back. The cost is more than the second choice, but less than porcelain veneers.