What Full Mouth Reconstruction Cosmetic Dentistry in Los Angeles Entails

cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles

Do you worry about your oral health? Does it feel like your smile doesn’t light up the room the way you would like? Those are exactly the kinds of concerns Dr. Mobasser has alleviated for decades. He’s helped folks like you (as well as plenty of celebrities) get the smiles they’ve always wanted. That said, sometimes, veneers, Lumineers, and the like aren’t the best option for one reason or another. Sometimes, full mouth reconstruction is the best course of action. Like just about everything else related to cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles, it’s something else that Dr. Mobasser excels at. 


When Full Mouth Reconstruction Might Be Necessary 

Often, this is the case when multiple concerns flare up regarding one’s oral health. For example, if your teeth have become uneven, cracked, or just flat-out worn-out. Should your teeth and mouth feel very sensitive, your chewing ability is impaired or not working as it should. Sometimes, this is the right option if large spaces develop between your teeth. Tooth shifting is a major problem requiring full mouth reconstruction when your teeth protrude out too far, move forward, or move in general. Full mouth reconstruction isn’t always necessary, but there are times when it is. 

cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles

What’s Included in Full Mouth Reconstruction 

The simple answer to this is “whatever is necessary.” The truth is that Dr. Mobasser determines exactly what’s to be a part of a person’s full mouth reconstruction. For some, their full mouth reconstruction could mean they have plenty of veneers and crowns. For others, it could include dental implants, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, veneer onlays, overlays, and more. It’s about doing whatever it takes to ensure that you have a perfectly well-balanced mouth and smile, with properly-functioning teeth and masticatory muscles, all while feeling healthy and pain-free. 


Why It’s So Important to Have an Expert Handle Your Full Mouth Reconstruction 

The glib answer here is: “because it’s your mouth,” but the truth is that you only get one mouth. You want it to be taken care of by an expert. You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic that had just started or didn’t have much of a track record. Dr. Mobasser has been performing these options for decades. So, he has the experience and the technology to provide you with a full mouth reconstruction that will give you everything you’re looking for. 


Top Cosmetic Dentistry in Los Angeles and the Surrounding Area 

All that has been said, full mouth reconstruction may not give you everything you’re looking for. Dental veneers, crowns, Lumineers, or other options might better serve you. You don’t have to figure this out on your own. This is another area where Dr. Mobasser and his professional staff can help, and they can help you to make the right decision for your oral care. For more: (310) 550-0383.

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