What Can I Eat with Dental Veneers & What Should I Avoid?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, discusses what foods are safe to eat with veneers and which should be avoided.

A lot of people ask me, what can I eat with dental veneers? And what should I avoid? With dental veneers, you can eat comfortably every kind of food, even steak, chicken and of course, you can have any kind of a drink you want. I do recommend, if you if you’re coffee drinker, to go ahead and rinse your mouth with water after the coffee. Because if you’re drinking maybe five cups of coffee every day, it can stain minimally.

Not that it can’t be removed. It can be removed. I do recommend that you do not chew on ice or bite on a hard bone like ribs, because that can cause microfractures on the veneers. The other thing is that if you’re a grinder and you clench your teeth, I highly recommend also that you put a nightguard to protect all your investment. Otherwise you can cause micro fractures on the veneers.

And with a small bite of a very soft, let’s say, piece of bread, the veneer is fracturing. That’s because it happened before. So you got to take care of it and treat it like your own teeth. If you bite on something very hard, of course there’s a possibility of microfracture and fracture. But having said that, you can eat anything.

Actually, the veneers make your teeth stronger because it will bond to your enamel. And it makes it actually, I would say, two to three times more stronger.

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