What Preparation is Needed for Teeth Bleaching or Whitening? | Celebrity Dentist

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How Does the Patient Need to Prepare Before They Have Their Teeth Bleaching or Whitening?

Teeth Bleached and Whitening

Dr. Mobasser highly recommends that everyone who wants to have their teeth whitened to check again with a licensed dentist that their teeth are well taken care of. They need to make sure that there are no cavities, no inflammation of the gums, or leaking fillings, and if there are any recessions of the gums.

Are there microcracks from the bite? Then they have to definitely go through sensitivity testing. First, the dentist can test the teeth by just applying air, which is the easiest way. The second one is just to do some cold testing to make sure the patient’s teeth are not sensitive to cold. 

If you are already sensitive to cold or your teeth are sensitive to air, then we don’t recommend you go through bleaching techniques.