The Best Veneer Dentist in Los Angeles Answers Questions About the Treatment

best veneer dentist in Los Angeles

Veneers are, you could say, one of the currently fashionable dental procedures for those looking for nicer teeth. Everyone seems to be getting them to have a nicer smile, right? If you are curious about them or still don’t know what these even are, don’t worry. Here, the best veneer dentist in Los Angeles can address common questions about the procedure.

What Are Veneers?

You’re probably aware of veneers, but you might not know exactly what they are. In cosmetic dentistry, a veneer is a layer of an artificial material placed over a tooth to protect the tooth surface from damage and significantly improve how a person’s smile looks. Most commonly, veneers are made of composite or dental porcelain and either fabricated in a dental lab or built up by a cosmetic dentist in the patient’s mouth. These veneers give teeth the natural luster and appearance of a healthy smile, favoring subtlety over artificial beauty standards. This makes them perfectly imitate natural teeth’ texture, look, and function while achieving the shape and, to a certain degree, the color you want.

When Do You Need Veneers?

First of all, veneers are prosthetics. This means that they are artificial structures meant to replace or, in some way, assist biological ones. In this case, they improve the appearance of damaged, discolored, and deformed teeth. The veneers are added onto the tooth’s surface to replace it with its visible face. This is a great solution for those whose teeth have suffered in visible ways but remain functionally useful and effective. In what cases is this a good procedure? Most commonly, cases of deformed teeth, enamel deficiency, discolored teeth, poor enamel mineralization, fluorosis, staining, malposition, loss of enamel through erosion, and enamel fractures are some of the cases in which veneers will be a good solution. However, you should consult with the best veneer dentist in Los Angeles to be sure.

What to Expect From Veneers?

As with any aspect of cosmetic dentistry, you must manage your expectations for the procedure. After all, this is dentistry, not miracle-working. Veneers tend to disappoint; for example, many want whiter teeth out of them. While veneers can help provide a whiter coloration, they can only be so thick. This means that, should your teeth be too dark or yellow, the veneers might not be thick enough to change their color radically. In the end, veneers mostly address issues with the shape of the teeth, so even though the color is certainly an aspect of the treatment, it shouldn’t be the sole reason behind getting this treatment.

Best Veneer Dentist in Los Angeles

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