Get a Great Smile with a Specialist Dentist in Los Angeles

specialist dentist in los angeles

A smile is an important tool, whatever industry you work in, and you need to have confidence in your smile, whether that is a matter of having perfectly white teeth or simply a straight smile that looks fantastic. Most people have dental treatment in their teenage years designed to straighten their teeth and correct any gaps or cavities in their teeth that would affect their smart, but many adults in LA have never received this type of cosmetic dentistry. If you are looking for a dental clinic that can help you to fix crooked teeth or cover up gaps in your smile, then you need a specialist dentist in Los Angeles like Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

Fixing crooked teeth

The common problem is that crooked teeth affect your smile, showing gaps in your smile and positioning teeth at an awkward angle so you don’t feel confident. Particular problems include the front teeth slowly pointing towards each other rather than laying flat and canine teeth moving outside the rest of the dental line, so they become very prominent. Both of these problems are relatively easily fixed with help from a dentist with specialist knowledge. You may benefit from these treatments at any age since they can prevent problems with brushing and flossing. You can correct these issues and have a better smile.

specialist dentist in los angeles

Fixing gapped or cramped teeth

The amount of space in your jawline causes another pair of common problems. People with a narrow dental line tend to have teeth that become crushed together, causing overlapping and making flossing and dental hygiene very difficult. Where the teeth have too much space, the front teeth may not grow together as they should, leaving a large space where the two teeth should meet. This is a very embarrassing problem and may cause issues for you when trying to fix them, as some dentists may force the teeth to straighten without looking at the problems behind the dental misalignment. If you are keen to find another solution to your problem, then you need to come to the clinic of Dr. Anthony Mobasser, an experienced dentist who can address the issue of a gapped or cramped jawline.

Resolve problems with your smile today

If you want the perfect smile while working in LA, you must focus on finding a specialist celebrity dentist in Los Angeles who can treat your issues easily. Whether you need teeth realigning, want gaps reduced, or need other cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, before you feel that your smile is ready, you should reach out to Dr. Mobasser today and let his clinic provide you with solutions. Call us now at (310) 550-0383, or send a message online to our staff asking for information about our services today.

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