How Can a Skilled Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist Resolve Jaw Joint Pain?

Skilled Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist

Jaw pain is usually linked to dental problems. If you have this pain, make sure to give Dr. Mobasser a call. He is a skilled Los Angeles cosmetic dentist that treats TMD with the proper care.

What are the Causes of Jaw Pain

It usually appears after injury. But it is also linked to bruxism or tooth grinding. Clenching your teeth together can increase pressure and tension in your jaw muscles. As a result, it increases your risk of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. If you have this disorder, your jaw feels stiff. Your mouth range of movement will be limited. You will also hear clicking and popping noises when moving your mouth. Although this condition is usually linked to orthodontic issues, it usually associated with anxiety. Unfortunately, some people do not realize that they do clench their teeth at night.

Skilled Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist

What are the Treatments for this Condition?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser does not recommend invasive treatment for jaw pain. One of the options for this case is the use of a mouthguard. However, it must be customized to ensure proper fit. Dr. Mobasser will provide you a custom-fit mouthguard for maximum performance to prevent further damages against bruxism. It is true that you can obtain this one at a pharmacy. However, Dr. Mobasser will make one that fits better in your mouth and it can last longer. But you need to wear it every night to stop you from grinding your teeth unconsciously. Apart from mouthguard, you may also take muscle relaxers. They are ideal if you do not respond well to mouthguard. Dr. Mobasser may prescribe safe muscle relaxers to help in relieving jaw tension. You must also eat soft foods. In this way, your jaw will have a chance to heal. Furthermore, avoid consuming food that needs you to open your mouth widely. Cut your food into small pieces to make it easier for you to chew. Cottage cheese and mashed potatoes are ideal foods for this situation. By following a soft diet, your symptoms will go away after weeks. However, if it has not resolved, make sure to talk to Dr. Mobasser. He can give you another option to help soothe your jaw pain.

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