Tips From a Skilled Cosmetic Dentist In Los Angeles On How To Achieve Healthy Teeth

skilled cosmetic dentist in los angeles

There’s more to maintaining healthy and balanced teeth than easy cleaning and flossing. A skilled cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, always recommends his patients brush their teeth two times a day and floss at a minimum of once daily. Dr. Mobasser is not just a top cosmetic dentist in LA but also a leading holistic dentist in the US. He supports his patients’ choice to achieve a healthier and more natural life. Through his holistic dentistry services, he combines general dentistry and natural healing. He is one of the few dental professionals in LA who does not use amalgams as a dental filling material.

Proper Dental Care to Achieve Healthy Teeth

To achieve a healthy set of teeth, you need to care for your toothbrush. That is, you must wash it thoroughly after cleaning your mouth. Make sure to store it in an upright setting. It requires a flow of air circulation around the bristles to maintain your brush dry. Keep in mind that bacteria could easily grow in your brush. These bacteria tend to flourish in a damp environment. If it is no longer effective, ensure you get a brand-new brush. The ADA suggests replacing it every three to four months.

Don’t Forget to Brush Your Tongue 

Unfortunately, most of Dr. Mobasser’s patients do not brush their tongues after cleaning their teeth. However, neglecting this practice will only allow bacteria in your mouth to flourish. Tongue brushing is not just vital for maintaining your teeth healthy, but it is also crucial to prevent foul breath. You may use a tongue cleaner or opt for a toothbrush with a tongue cleaner to easily eliminate germs from your mouth each time you clean.

skilled cosmetic dentist in los angeles


Visit a Skilled Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles Regularly 

If you fear going to the dentist, Dr. Mobasser can alleviate your anxiety. As part of his cosmetic dental services, he also offers sedation dentistry to calm his patients during oral treatment. In that way, whatever fear you have will be gone. Applying proper sedation allows you to sit comfortably while Dr. Mobasser treats your oral condition and restores your brighter smile with no cavities. With his sedation dental services, you can visit his office in Los Angeles for check-ups and professional dental cleaning, or you can voice the issues you may have about maintaining your teeth health. Dr. Mobasser is a skilled cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles,  and he utilizes the best modern dentistry and holistic healing methods to help patients achieve optimum dental health. For appointments with the best cosmetic dentist Los Angeles area, please call (310) 550-0383

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