Sedation Dentistry, What is it?

Sedation Dentistry

You are certainly not alone if you have nervousness or anxiety regarding dental procedures. Many people suffer from dental anxiety, but you shouldn’t allow it to affect you any longer! There is plenty of dentists, including Dr. Anthony Mobasser, who are used to and welcome patients who suffer from anxiety. Our office offers sedation that can give you peace of mind when scheduling a visit. Dr. Mobasser has over 30 years of dentistry experience, and his name and reputation are known worldwide. With those assurances in mind, let’s delve into what sedation dentistry is all about.

Sedation dentistry is a method of dentistry that allows a patient to relax during their time in the chair. It is a safe procedure that can be painless and worry-free depending on the needs of your teeth. There are levels of sedation to take into consideration. If you are more comfortable with being entirely unaware of your visit, you can opt for general anesthesia, allowing you to sleep through the entire event. One thing to keep in mind when considering sedation dentistry is that you are still awake. Minimal sedation means you are fully awake but much more relaxed than the ball of nerves you would usually be at the dentist.

Further along, the sedation spectrum is modernization sedation (conscious sedation). This is a type of sedation where you are aware of your surroundings but are slurring words. This sedation also means you won’t remember much of the procedure that you went through.

Sedation Dentistry

If you are interested in something a little more powerful, you can opt for deep sedation. This type of sedation takes you to a point where you are on the edge of consciousness but can still be woken if necessary. If you’re wondering if sedation is the route, you should consider your normal feelings toward dentist visits. It may be the best route to keep you calm if you are usually pumping full of anxiety and nerves. It’s also a great option for people that need a ton of work done in one day. If you know that the procedure you are about to undergo can take hours, sedation can help the time fly by because you won’t be entirely mentally present to experience it. If you have sensitive teeth, sedation may be a boon for you as it can keep you unaware of the more uncomfortable parts of dental visits.

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You may be wonderings if sedation is entirely safe. Just like with anesthesia, there are risks involved. Dr. Mobasser will go over your medical history thoroughly to ensure there aren’t any complications that could occur. If you are interested in using sedation at your next cosmetic dentist appointment, you are now much better equipped with its benefits. With these in mind, contact us to schedule your next visit. The health of your teeth is important, so don’t let pesky anxiety get in the way!

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