Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry that Creates the Safest Environment Possible

los angeles cosmetic dentistry

Do you want to make sure that your teeth look as bright as possible? However, are you worried about going to a Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry due to the pandemic? That’s a very reasonable concern. After all, cases continue to climb in the Los Angeles area. If you are going to make your teeth look better, you want to go to a medical practice that you can trust will make your safety its number one priority. Dr. Mobasser and staff have gone above and beyond the ADA’s recommendations for dealing with COVID-19. This ensures that patients and staff will have the safest possible environment. 


What Patients Should Know Before Arriving 

You’ve probably already heard so many times, in so many contexts, “if you don’t feel well, stay home.” That’s true for your job and it’s true for cosmetic dentistry as well. If any of Dr. Mobasser’s staff are feeling the slightest bit unwell, they stay home, period. On top of that, we’ll call you prior to your appointment to ask about your health. It’s one more way we can ensure that our practice will be as safe as possible. Also, we strongly encourage you to wear a face covering when you’re here. We certainly will be. By wearing masks when we’re out of doors, we can all do our part to slow or even stop the spread of the virus.

 Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry


Before You Step Inside Dr. Mobasser’s Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry 

While mask wearing is important, it’s not all that we do to make sure you’re safe when you’re here. For example, we assess every patient the moment they arrive. Temperature checks may be a part of that. We recommend that you limit exactly how many people come with you to the appointment. We’d prefer that you come here alone, as it eliminates one more way that people could potentially get sick.


Once You’re Here 

We’ve spaced out both the seats in our waiting room as well as the appointments. That way, fewer people will be in there at a given time. Additionally, by keeping the seats a certain distance from each other, it’s that much easier to maintain social distancing. On top of that, it is possible that you’ll find fewer reading materials when you arrive here. As “high touch surfaces,” they could infect folks.


What the Staff Will Do 

Your safety is of paramount importance to our staff. To that end, they’ll wear the best in PPE. You shouldn’t have to worry about your health when you come to a cosmetic dentistry practice. All of this is done to make sure that you’re safe while you get the kind of smile makeover that you’ve always wanted. Even in a world of videoconferencing where people wear masks, the perfect smile can literally brighten up a room. We can make your dream smile a reality during this period and any other. To schedule a free consultation with Dr. Mobasser and the staff, call: (310) 550-0383. 

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