Learn To Smile Again With Full Mouth Reconstruction In Beverly Hills

full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills

Sometimes, patients come to our clinic needing desperate help with their teeth. In many cases, they have severe tooth decay, gingivitis, and infections in the jawline which can mean that they barely have any teeth at all. The ones that do remain are in a sorry state, and require the intervention of a specialist cosmetic surgeon. if you are in this current situation and need help with dental care, then Dr. Anthony Mobasser offers full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills, providing care not only for those with missing teeth, but for patients who need a lot of changes and alterations to their existing dental work.

Changing Your Smile

When you have teeth in poor condition, it can be hard to smile. You know that your teeth are less than perfect, and want to make use of a cosmetic dentist who can help you to get the best smile possible. There are many patients who require a full mouth reconstruction from Dr Mobasser, including those with missing teeth, where the absent teeth affect the bone structure, allow you to eat properly, and keep other problems developing, such as chipping or cracking of the back teeth. Other patients may have severely misaligned or crooked teeth, with an unbalanced bite that means teeth become very worn on one side of the mouth, and are nearly perfect on the other. All of these problems can be resolved with a full mouth reconstruction service, so if you think that you are a suitable candidate you should speak to Dr Mobasser today about your options.

full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills

Treatments Used In Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

Depending upon the condition of your mouth, Dr. Mobasser might decide to use a number of treatments to improve your smile. Firstly, if you have many teeth missing, then you may need to have dental implants, which take the place of your absent teeth; you may also need bridgework, which means fusing a number of teeth replacements together to slot into the space left. These methods can be used as an alternative to dentures. For those suffering from other dental problems, including worn teeth, particularly front teeth, the doctor may recommend veneers or inlays that will leave you with better looking teeth and a smile that is close to perfect.

Talk To Dr. Mobasser Today

Choosing to have a dental reconstruction is a serious business, so before you make any decisions about your smile, you need to have a consultation with the expert in full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills. Dr. Mobasser can provide you with plenty of advice about the different treatments he can offer you, so take the time to consult with him today. When you reach out to the team at Celebrity Dentist, you can ask them questions about your options as well as arrange to have a consultation with Dr. Mobasser himself. To find out more, or start your dental journey today, send us a message through our online contact form, or call us at (310) 550-0383 now.

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