How Much Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, discusses the factors that determine the price points you can expect for full mouth rehabilitation.

A lot of people ask me, how much does full mouth reconstruction cost? To tell you the truth, this is a subject that the patient has to come and sit in the chair, okay, so the doctor can look at you, see what is the health of your teeth going? Is it bite issue? Is it a systemic issue?

Or is it something to do with, say, even acidity in your mouth? All of these factors determine the cost. The complexity of the case also determines the cost and who’s doing it and how much experience they have also determines the cost. Generally speaking, full mouth reconstruction, 20 or 30,000 and up, okay? But if you want to calculate the exact price and see if you can afford it, if you need full mouth reconstruction, the best is that you make an appointment with me, let me do a complimentary consultation with you, and then after that, we can come to Cost and we have finances available, and we go from there.