How Much Do Zirconia Veneers Cost?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, discusses the price points you can expect when considering zirconia veneers.

A lot of people ask me, how much does Zirconia Veneers cost? To tell you the truth, Zirconia Veneers is one of the hardest procedures to be done in dentistry. And I do recommend you go to a specialist that has done Zirconia Veneers before and they have lots of experience with it. Zirconia Veneers are recommended on patients who have occlusal trauma and they do grinding and clenching because they don’t break. It’s one of the hardest materials to deal with and it needs strict protocol.

It is not done usually for patients that they just want Zirconia veneers. They’re more brighter, they’re stronger, and then to do the adjustment for the dentist is not easy because they’re very hard material. I do recommend that you come in to get a quote from me, especially for Zirconia Veneers. It depends on the condition of your teeth, it depends on the health of your gums, and it depends if you do have a lot of enamel left on your teeth, or the dentin is exposed due to grinding or due to acidity or erosion problems. You can give us a call by calling 310-550-0383, get a complimentary, consult with me.

I’ll be happy to evaluate, even if you’re a candidate for Zirconia Veneers, and discuss all the costs with you and all the options.

If you are interested in veneers but have questions about the cost, contact Dr. Anthony Mobasser today for a free consultation to learn more:

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