Before and After Porcelain Crowns

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Before and After pictures of a front tooth broken to the gum line is a major testament to a cosmetic dentist’s skill – to match color, shape, and form. Chances are that if you like the results, you will be pleased with your own results. To restore one front tooth is the most challenging task for any dentist, usually, to make the task more simple, the treating dentists advise to have at least two teeth done! However, to save the integrity of the adjacent teeth, Dr. Mobasser takes on the task to restore one front tooth as needed, preserving tooth structure, and recommend the least invasive approach to dentistry possible.

Before and After Porcelain Crowns

front tooth before and after dental crown

Due to fracture at the gum line, instead of front tooth implant, the dental post was used to build up tooth first, then a ceramic crown was placed to restore the front tooth to the patient’s satisfaction without the use of surgery. It is always best to keep your own tooth rather than a dental implant:

Before & After The Repair of the Porcelain Crown

Patient had a traumatic bite, due to teeth clenching, cracked crown, however, it is repairable. The patient chipped the porcelain crown due to a heavy bite and not wearing a nightguard to protect the crown. The result is chipped porcelain and food accumulation between teeth causing periodontal disease. In this case, the porcelain was repaired, to mimic the color, shape and prevent food accumulation by tightening the space between two teeth.

Broken Front Tooth Fixed with Post and Porcelain Crown

Porcelain crowns are chipped because of clenching and grinding of teeth, a patient wants immediate repair of a chipped porcelain crown, in this case, the repair was accomplished with dental bonding, and the bite (occlusion) was adjusted. The patient was very happy and pleased, all sensitivity eliminated, the color was matched perfectly.

This patient broke his front tooth while chewing, and all he wanted was to save his root, avoid surgery and get it over with quickly. Dr. Mobasser as an Expert completed the full treatment in 2 days. The patient was amazed, happy with the exact match of shape, color, & best of all functioning with a confident smile. Look at before and after porcelain crowns.

Before and After Dental Implant Crown

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns Before and After

Porcelain Crowns Before and After

Before and After Porcelain Crown Front Teeth

Before and After Porcelain Crown Front Teeth

Before and After Porcelain Crown Front Teeth