A Celebrity Dentist Tells Advantages Of Laser Teeth Whitening

Celebrity Dentist

Laser teeth whitening is a technique used to whiten your teeth. But it requires teeth cleaning before you can undergo laser teeth whitening. During the first step, plaque must be removed. Bacterial growth and tartar will be eliminated through professional cleaning. Then, a gel is applied to the gums to protect the teeth from damage. The procedure can be quick. In fact, it can be completed in one hour. Laser teeth whitening is effective, and it can transform your teeth to several shades whiter. What’s more is that the effects are immediately visible. It’s more expensive than a traditional teeth bleaching procedure. But a Celebrity Dentist tell you that it has several advantages over other teeth cleaning methods.

Quick and simpleCelebrity Dentist

It’s one of the advantages of this procedure. It reduces teeth yellowing, which is natural as you grow old. The process can instantly whiten your teeth. Another advantage of this procedure is its speed. It can be complete in an hour. Compare it with other teeth whitening products that require several weeks before you’ll notice their effects. Tray-based whitening kits are slower in providing results, and they require several applications before achieving similar whitening effects.

One session is enough.

Unlike other teeth whitening products, laser teeth whitening requires one session to produce visible results. After that, you’ll see that your teeth are several shades lighter than they were before. But it depends on your case. In some extreme situations, they require multiple sessions to achieve desired results.

Long-term effects

The result will stay that way for an extended period. This procedure is much more effective in whitening teeth than other methods, like teeth whitening toothpaste and powders that only remove stains on your teeth. With just one session, the results can last up to five years. That is, it doesn’t only provide quick results but also better, longer. Furthermore, your pearly whites don’t get weak, unlike bleaching agents. However, you even choose to undergo laser teeth whitening; it’s ideal that you consult with a cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Anthony Mobasser will perform a comprehensive dental examination before he can recommend this procedure. Keep in mind that laser teeth whitening treatment may be useful, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re not a good candidate for this procedure, Dr. Anthony Mobasser can recommend other options that are best for your condition. To consult with the celebrity dentist in Los Angeles, schedule an appointment today calling at 310-550-0383.