Brushing and Flossing Veneers: Post-Care

Brushing and Flossing Veneers Post-Care Los Angeles Dentist

After you get your veneers, you may wonder how to take care of them. To learn more about brushing and flossing veneers, please keep reading. If you have any issues with your veneers or post-care, we encourage you to call our Los Angeles celebrity dentist immediately to set up a free consultation. We can address any concerns that you have.

Should I Be Flossing Veneers?

While veneers do not have the same decaying properties as your natural teeth, they still need to be taken care of. We strongly encourage you to keep up with your daily flossing habits even after you receive veneers.

Your veneers will not last as long as they should if you do not care for them. They are not a hall pass from having good oral hygiene simply because they are not your natural teeth. Food residue can still get to your natural teeth to cause damage, and your veneers can stain without proper care.

You should also continue to see your dentist regularly as you did before your treatment. Some veneers can retain plaque, and reducing your plaque build-up will promote the longevity of your veneers.

How to Brush Your Veneers

It would be best if you continued to brush your teeth as usual after you get the veneers. Several things can improve how you brush and floss veneers, and you should aim to clean each side of your teeth, not just the part that shows when you smile.

You should brush the front and back. You should floss in a downward motion and scrape down each side of each tooth to ensure you are removing all food residue.

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Daily mouthwash can also keep your smile healthy and your veneers in good condition.

I have Trouble Flossing Veneers.

If you are having trouble maintaining your oral health because of your veneers, we urge you to see our dentist immediately.

Some patients cannot fit floss between their teeth because of how the veneers are placed. Our dentist can address this whether he placed your veneers or not. If veneers are placed too close together, it can hinder your ability to clean your teeth properly.

You should be able to get between your veneers with regular floss.

Call Our Los Angeles Celebrity Dentist

Our Los Angeles dentist has provided smile makeovers for the community for many years. If you have any questions about brushing or flossing your veneers, we would be happy to help. Veneers are an investment that needs to be taken care of properly to get the most longevity out of them. Let us know if you have any questions about post-care. Get a free consultation set up with Dr. Mobasser right away.

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