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Are you embarrassed to smile? Do you find yourself hiding your smile from the rest of the world because you are self-conscious? Dr. Anthony Mobasser believes everyone should be proud of their smile, and works tirelessly to help everyone achieve a beautiful Hollywood smile. However, if you have issues with your teeth such as cracks, chips, broken teeth, or missing teeth, you may feel embarrassed and want to hide your smile from the world. This is not uncommon, but with new technology and innovation, this can be corrected with less invasive techniques and in less time than ever before. Don’t put off fixing your smile as it impacts every aspect of your personal and professional life. Now is the time to correct that smile and make it beautiful again. You can restore your smile with the help of Dr. Anthony Mobasser and the beautiful porcelain crowns in Beverly Hills that he can provide. Contact him today to arrange a complimentary consultation and go over your treatment options. 

Porcelain Crowns in Beverly Hills

Porcelain Crowns in Beverly Hills - Dr. Anthony MobasserOpting for porcelain crowns to repair your teeth can be the best way to help you restore your smile. There are different options available today for dental crowns regarding the material used to create them. Each crown may provide you with a different look for your teeth, so it is best to discuss your needs with an expert cosmetic dentist like Dr. Mobasser to ensure you get the best results possible. Dr. Mobasser can guide you to what will be right for the look for you. He also works with a master ceramist, which is a big differentiator between his professional practice and some other general dentists. A master ceramist can match the tooth to your existing tooth color, structure, and more. It is truly art, and can only be accomplished with a master ceramist who is dedicated to matching the tooth exactly to the patients specifications. 

Why Choose Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser

Generally, when you come to our office for porcelain crowns in Beverly Hills, you will meet and get examined by Dr. Anthony Mobasser, dentist to the stars. He will create a custom treatment plan and help identify the absolute best options for you. Molds can then be made that are used for the creation of crowns for your teeth. The shape, size, and color will be a perfect match for the rest of your teeth, and the crown is put in place and cemented so it looks and feels completely natural to you.

If you are ready to get your smile back to where you are proud to show it off, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Anthony Mobasser so you can discuss beautiful porcelain crowns in Los Angeles and if they are right for you. You can ask questions about the procedures or find out more about the available options. You can make an appointment to see us by calling (310) 550-0383 and speaking with our staff regarding scheduling time with Dr. Mobasser. You can get the dental help you need to have a fabulous, winning smile to share with the world. Don’t wait, contact us today and let us put a smile on your face!

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