Who is a Good Candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, discusses what factors determine who would be an ideal recipient for a full mouth rehabilitation.

A lot of people ask me who is a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction can be done on individuals with erosion problems due to acidity. The acidity causes all the enamel to be gone, so all the dentin is exposed and they’re weak. The other candidate could be people who grind and clench severely. They have TMJ problem and the bite is not symmetrical anymore.

Another one could be people that need full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation is when they have worn out their teeth. Basically, they want to add length to their teeth so they do show more teeth. Those are the three general categories that we look at when we’re doing a full mouth reconstruction. However, if you had some worn out dentistry, you have recurrent decays. That means decays under the crowns or on the root of your veneers.

Okay, you got some decay going on that we have to evaluate to see if you are a candidate or not. Or can we do it just conservatively, taking just the decay away. Having said that, I think the best is that you come in for a complimentary, consult with me, I will check not only your teeth, the gums, the bite, and we do a bite analysis. People usually with bite problems are good candidate for full mouth reconstruction. Having said that, we have a complimentary consultation with my endodontist, periodontist, oral surgeon, that they might be involved. If you have missing teeth you might be needing implants, for instance, the best is to come in, let me do a consultation with you, and we go from there.