What are the Top Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, discusses today’s most popular cosmetic dental procedures around the world.

A lot of people ask me, what are the top cosmetic dental treatments. To tell you the truth, number one right now is doing veneers. Okay? And the veneers come in many different materials.

Know that there is now zirconia veneers. That not that many individuals are the dentists are doing them. They’re very hard to do, and it needs a strict protocol. Then of course, there’s feldspathic porcelain, which is the best, but they’re not as strong. But it depends how’s your bite so you might be a candidate for it.

Then there is, of course, eMax veneers, and then there’s a combination of all these three together. Having said that, the other popular cosmetic dentistry treatments could be doing orthodontics first, and then after that, most popular is to do bleaching before you go ahead and do veneers and changing the colors. And then, of course, is crowns and implants. The implants now we can do it with zirconia instead of titanium, so they’re more porcelain oriented, and it’s white, and it looks very natural, especially if it’s in the aesthetic zone.

That means it’s in the area where people will see it right away. Invisalign is a good idea if there’s a lot of crowding between the teeth. So we go first with Invisalign, then we go with veneers. And the most important thing, remember, if you’re doing any kind of cosmetic and you want your teeth permanently to be white and change the shape of the teeth, the best is to do ultra thin veneers. And this way we make sure that we’re not shaving a lot from your tooth and you’re keeping all the structures of your teeth, and there is no sensitivity and so forth.

Having said that, some people have worn down their teeth completely, and they want their teeth to be longer. For that reason, you can’t just do ten veneers and make the teeth longer. You might need a full mouth reconstruction. And full mouth reconstruction has to do with making sure that the foundation of your mouth is going to be healthy, and we’re going to go ahead and add length to all of your teeth, okay? And that we cannot do on a certain amount of teeth.

Let’s say 10 or 20. We got to do your whole mouth. That’s called the full mouth reconstruction.

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