What Are The Costs for Teeth Whitening? | Celebrity Dentist

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What is the Cost of Teeth Whitening?

The cost of doing teeth bleaching in Dr. Mobasser’s private office, of course, will include a complete evaluation as well as many other factors prior to commence teeth bleaching. Usually what we need to do is to go ahead and check the patient. This means doing a clinical examination that might need radio-graphs, to check for any dormant infection, leaking fillings, cavities, recessions of gums with sensitivity prior to start of teeth whitening or teeth bleaching.

Cost of Teeth Whitening?

Why do we do that? We have to check everything including microcracks on the teeth. We have to make sure that the gums are not inflamed, that there are no recessions with sensitivities to cold or hot, in which teeth bleaching can damage the roots further. Also check if the patient had any composite fillings? Since those fillings will not change color, and make sure no leakage on some of the old fillings the patient might have. Of course, we also look at the color of teeth and what is the expectation of the patient and see how the bleaching can benefit the patient.

Cost-wise, we are talking about a thousand dollar minimum at our office, but it can go up from there depending on the many techniques used by Dr. Mobasser. The most expensive scenario is when the procedure is spread over a few months, which can go all the way from $2500 to $4000.