Dental Veneer Pros & Cons with Dr. Anthony Mobasser

Dr. Anthony Mobasser discusses the pros and cons of dental veneers.

The pros of dental veneers is that we can shift the color and change the color of each individual tooth, that’s microaesthetics vs macro-aesthetics, which is changing the whole smile. We can change the alignment of the teeth. I have a lot of patients come to me and they say, I don’t show that much teeth, can you make them longer. To make the most predictable result, we do it usually with veneers. You can shift the colors.

The color of the teeth you know after a while, when the teeth are worn out, they get more like a champagne color, more darker color; we can turn them into the most beautiful magnificent color, but natural. We can add proportion to each individual length and width of the teeth. We can make the tooth stronger by doing a veneer. There are so many advantages to doing the veneers, that each one is specifically done for each patient according to their needs.

The cons of veneers, is that it is unfortunately an irreversible procedure. That means that the doctor has already shaped your teeth. Once we shape the teeth and remove any tooth structure away, this is what it is – it’s like, the tooth structure is gone.

And now we have to substitute it with a good kind material that protects your dentine and it protects your nerve. The other cons about veneers is that, if you are a grinder, or you are a clencher, and you don’t wear a night guard, and you grind a lot, you can chip the veneers. The other cons about veneers is that they cost more than any other material, such as composite veneers, or bonding, but the price is well worth it.

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