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How Do You Bleach Teeth for Those in Need of a Cosmetic Restorative Procedure?

One thing about starting bleaching is that patients usually need some sort of cosmetic dental procedure. Say they need dental bonding or dental veneers. Maybe they had veneers on the top and they can not afford getting veneers on the lower teeth yet, or they just want to do veneers on the top teeth, because of some sort of financial situation, they can’t afford to do lower teeth veneers, The cosmetic dentist must evaluate to do bleaching to come close to the color of  upper veneers. Please know that some teeth bleach more easily than others, depending on their age, the pre existing color of the teeth, and their hereditary intrinsic color of their teeth.

Bleaching Teeth

For patients who already have veneers and wanting whiter teeth, you should understand that bleaching only affects teeth. Bleaching does not change the color of existing dental veneers, dental bonding, composites, or the crowns.

Dr Anthony Mobasser in some cases after his evaluation, have successfully whitened even the porcelain veneers, with his Reverse Bleaching Procedure. This procedure needs strict protocol and it is not for everyone who has veneers and wants whiter veneers, and depends on how thick the existing veneers are, and if the previous cosmetic dentist has placed the veneers on enamel. If You are interested an evaluation and consultation is necessary.

 Now let’s say the patient wants to have upper veneers, but with dramatic whiter color than the lower teeth,( but due to financial reasons can not do upper and lowers veneers, but can do upper smile line veneers) then we go ahead and bleach the lower teeth so patients approve the lower teeth color and match the upper veneers to the lower bleached teeth.

In some cases, if the patient needs a restoration such as bonding and they don’t know what colors to use on the bonding of the composite, we go ahead and bleach the teeth first. The patient looks at the color of the teeth and the whole smile, and then we place the dental restoration on the teeth after bleaching should they need any cosmetic dental restoration.

One other factor when you’re doing restoration such as composite bonding or veneers is that we want to wait two weeks minimum after we’ve done your bleaching before we can go ahead and start the composite restoration or the dental bonding procedure. If we do not wait 10 days to 14 days the bond strength to bleached teeth will not be strong, and restorations can pop off.