Solutions For Those in Their 30’s

If you are in your thirties, minor adjustments to your teeth and smile might be all that’s needed in order to achieve that perfect smile.

Chances are you still have those silver or mercury fillings from your teens, which is common. A simple solution would be to replace them with tooth-colored fillings. If they are small they can be replaced with white fillings, and if large with porcelain inlays /onlays. Porcelain inlays and onlays generally leak less, and they last much longer than white fillings.

The cost of white fillings ranges from $550 – $1000 per tooth, and prices for porcelain inlays/onlays range from $2000 – $3500 per tooth.

If you have minor overcrowding of your teeth, a possible quick fix is something called Cosmetic Contouring. This subtle shaping procedure is usually recommended for slightly uneven or longer teeth, and can usually be accomplished in one visit.

The price for cosmetic contouring, or cosmetic contouring of smile line procedure ranges from $100 – $400 per tooth, or up to $4500 -$5000 for the entire smile.

If you have minor gaps, chipped, decayed, broken teeth, or tooth sensitivity at the roots (near your gums), you might consider Dental Bonding, or Tooth Bonding, to fix your problem. Dental bonding is quick, and is a one-visit procedure.

The price for Dental bonding ranges from $750 – $2000 per tooth depending on the severity and what your bite or x-rays shows.

I recommend a comprehensive examination and evaluation with your cosmetic dentist, to gather all the necessary information. In most cases, the cosmetic dentist needs complete x-rays, impressions of your teeth (study models), bite analysis, intra oral photos of your teeth, and measurements of your gums and teeth, to generate a proper diagnosis and discuss different options of treatment for you.

The price for a complete dental evaluation ranges from $750 – $1500.

Addressing dental problems at an early age saves you tremendous time, stress, and money in the long run. I recommend 2-3 annual cleanings and check-ups.

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