Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding Before and After

In these dental bonding before and after photos, we can close gaps, restore the shape of teeth, removal of decays, and even restore old worn out dentistry is a major testament to the cosmetic dentist’s skill. Chances are if you have leaking black silver fillings, you would not wait to change them to white fillings or bonding. Below is a sampling of Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s bonding work as an artistic cosmetic dentist. If you like what you see, or to make an appointment, please call us at 310-550-0383.

Patient revealing cavities on 6 front teeth, all decays removed and full dental bond was done on 6 front teeth. Also changed to slightly whiter natural color, patient very happy. Dental bond was done in one visit using nanocomposite restoration.

before and after picture of cosmetic dental bond

Dental Bonding

Bondings and white fillings were used to restore old fillings, remove decay and old worn out dentistry, to rejuvenate the tooth structure. The benefit to the patient is conservative dentistry or minimal invasive dentistry, which is a huge advantage over old-school dentistry! The preservation of tooth structure causes less problem in the long run.

To restore the cavities and silver fillings, Dr. Mobasser employed holistic biocompatible dentistry approach, a form of dentistry that takes the patient’s entire, overall health into account in addition to their oral health. Our treatment conserves tooth structure which brings no discomfort to the patient.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding to close gap

  • Gap can be closed with orthodontics, or veneers, or dental bonding
  • Dental bonding cost the least, and it is gratifying since it is done in one short visit.
  • Patient was amazed with the results, which was done in 30 minutes, and the end result was priceless to the patient.
Dental Bonding to close gap (1)
Dental Bonding to close gap (2)

Patient got punched in the mouth, trauma to face, and fractured two front veneers. One veneer was repaired using the existing porcelain veneer and placing dental bond to repair and shape the tooth, the other completely fractured veneer, was revitalized using full composite veneer dental bonding in office ( no laboratory fabrication was used). Patient could not be happier! the procedure for both took 45 minutes.