Does Sensitivity From Receding Gums Go Away?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, discusses the effects of receding gums and how sensitivity can progress over time.

A lot of people ask me question of if the sensitivity from receding gums goes away. To tell you the truth, no, and it can get worse. I do recommend treatment for receding gums.

The best treatment, I would say, is to do a periodontal grafting. On the grafting part, there’s a possibility that when the doctor takes the gum from your palate or from the site, the color of the gum does not match your existing gum. So there’s a problem on that. Having said that, regarding the pinhole surgery and also gum grafting, there is a third choice available to patients, and that is dental bonding, where you can go ahead and cover the area of the root that has been eroded in, and there’s an abrasion in there,

and substitute that root structure with composite bonding, and that will definitely take any sensitivity away and also cause your root not to get further damaged. I do recommend that you come in and have a consultation with me, and I will tell you what’s the best methodology as far as your sensitivity or root exposure is. And we go from there.

How many gum treatments exists?

Treatment for Early Periodontal Disease is usually Non surgical gum treatments , such as prophylaxis, root planning. and periodontal maintenance are indicated, surgical gum procedures such as gingevectomy, or gingival flap procedure surgery might also be indicated.

Treatment for Moderate Gum Disease is usually  surgical and non surgical or the combination of both, such as scaling and root planning, gingevectomy, gingival flap surgery ( gum surgery), osseous or bone surgery, and possible guided tissue regeneration procedures.

Treatment for Advanced Periodontal Disease or Advanced Periodontitis, is all the nonsurgical treatments initially, to evaluate the progression of change and then surgical gum intervention, via gingevectomy, , gum curettage, gum flap surgery, osseous or bone surgery, guided tissue generation, and bone grafting.

Bad Breath or Halitosis, can be the domino effect of what periodontal diseases cause !

There is also acute Necrotizing Periodontal Disease “ANUG” which is a form of Disease that gets worse rapidly and can cause Pain, Bad Breath, Halitosis, a whitish film on the surface of the gum. People with these forms of Gum Disease may also develop fever or swollen gl

Dental bond is a great technique to conservatively restore the root area, however the expert dentist must look at the cosmetic aspect of the treatment to make sure the tooth will not look much longer. Of course the best treatment for recession with sensitivity is gum grafting surgery to cover the root, but majority of patients do not want to go through surgical intervention and discomfort  to treat the recessed area. The next best thing to do is to have dental bonding and sealing the root.

Now days there is even pink dental composite to bond to your root area which mimics gums, the color might not be exact but it does help in areas that would show elongated length of the tooth in the Aesthetic zone ( where teeth show in your SMILE).

Synopsis: Dental bonding restoration due to gum recession

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