Do Veneers Look Real?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, discusses what factors determine a beautiful and natural-looking result when receiving dental veneers.


A lot of people ask me, do the veneers look real? To tell you the truth, it depends who is doing it and how much experience that doctor has got and what kind of a lab he’s using. Is he using a general laboratory that they just pop in veneers in and out? Okay, in every day, like, maybe 20-30 of them?

Or they go to a master ceramist, which this is all they do. And they take their time in crafting your custom veneers. Also, I would like to add a lot of translucency on the top layer of the porcelain to make it more natural. Most of the teeth that the regular laboratory makes is basically on the quantity basis. They don’t take the time as far as layering the porcelain.

So it does look natural, and it needs a skilled doctor and a skilled master ceramist to fabricate those.

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