When to Get (or Not to Get) a Smile Makeover in Los Angeles

smile makeover in Los Angeles

A lot of people say they want a smile makeover in Los Angeles without understanding what this entails or whether that’s the right solution for their case. Let’s go over some common situations in which this might seem like a good option.

smile makeover in Los Angeles

You Have a Broken or Chipped Tooth

It’s very common for someone to go break or chip their tooth and immediately begin to worry about how they are going to fix it. This concern naturally grows if there is more than one affected tooth, to the point in which they end up planning to redo their whole smile, especially if they already had issues with it aesthetically. What we recommend is not to escalate the situation only because you had an issue with a broken or chipped tooth. These things are easily fixed, so you shouldn’t necessarily have to consider full makeovers. However, if you have other aesthetic or functional issues with your teeth, this might be a good time to correct these as well.

You’re Struggling with Your Gums

Gums are an aspect of the mouth that more people feel self-conscious about than you’d think. After all, most conventions tell us you shouldn’t see someone’s gums when they smile. This is especially an issue when people have sick gums and these don’t even look like they should in the first place. Addressing gum issues isn’t exactly covered in a smile makeover in Los Angeles as much as it’s a precursor for it. In order for a successful makeover to even happen in the first place, your cosmetic dentist will have to make sure that your gums are healthy and in good shape. Then, they can focus on whether or not they are too visible or if they need to be factored in during the procedure as well.

You’re Not Happy with Your Dental Alignment

Dental alignment is the bulk of what most people consider a good smile. After all, this is what refers to the general positioning of your teeth. Certain traits, such as teeth being close to each other or not being crooked, are commonly considered to be attractive signifiers of good smiles. Issues such as overlapped or crooked teeth, for example, are essentially correctable with the right dental and orthodontic procedures. The best way to approach this, of course, is to get an assessment from a qualified cosmetic dentist. You might vaguely have an idea of what you want your smile makeover in Los Angeles to look like, but you probably don’t know about the specifics. An actual cosmetic dentist can take a look and map a course of action for you.

Smile Makeover in Los Angeles

It’s important to always have access to the best advice when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. After all, you know what you want, not how you want to get there. Someone who understands what you’re going for and what you want the results to look like will be able to give you the proper guidance in getting there. A smile makeover in Los Angeles shouldn’t be a guessing game, it should be an investment in your own look, and no one can live up to that expectation like Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the Celebrity Dentist himself. Give him a call at (310) 550-0383 and learn more about how he can help you.

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