What Do You Want From Your Smile Makeover in Los Angeles?

smile makeover in los angeles

What’s the point of a makeover? Is it just to make you look better? Sure, you can see it that way, but, in the end, it’s to make sure that you look like the best version of yourself. It’s not for you to find beauty in something else, it’s for you to appreciate your own capacity for beauty. That is our approach here at Dr. Mobasser’s office. When he performs a smile makeover in Los Angeles, he does so to make sure you look as good as you possibly can. So, allow us to ask you, what exactly is it you want?

I Want Whiter Teeth

Ah yes, the age-old desire for whiter teeth. Coffee addictions, smoking habits, what doesn’t stain or teeth? See, it’s not really a matter of whether or not your teeth will get stained, it’s a matter of when and how. It makes sense that you’d want to have whiter teeth and reverse the effects of that tea you love so much. If that’s what you are looking for in a smile makeover in Los Angeles, it couldn’t be much easier. In this city, where so many people want a smile that immediately looks good, teeth whitening is just another day at a cosmetic dentist’s office. Dr. Mobasser, the renowned Celebrity Dentist of Los Angeles, is an expert at this kind of procedure.

smile makeover in los angeles

I Want to Replace Missing Teeth

There are many different reasons for someone to lose a tooth. Yes, ideally it’s not something that should happen after you turn, like, twelve, but it does and it’s something that can be dealt with. Now, when it comes to replacing missing teeth, there are different ways to handle the situation. On one hand, you can use implants, which are could and practical ways to replace single missing teeth. Bridges, on the other hand, are good ways to make up for several missing teeth in a row. What will be the best approach for you? Well, it will specifically depend on your situation. A cosmetic dentist will take a look at your teeth and determine what method is the right for your case.

smile makeover in los angeles

I Want a Celebrity Smile

So many patients come up to our office, point out a specific celebrity’s smile, and ask if they can have their specific smile. If we’re honest, it’s obviously not that easy to just imitate a specific person’s smile in order to transfer it onto you. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have that beautiful smile you want. You shouldn’t want to have someone else’s smile anyway. A smile makeover in Los Angeles is not about getting you someone else’s smile, it’s about making your own smile look as good as it possibly can. That’s what the Celebrity Dentist is all about. He doesn’t make you look like some celebrity, he makes you look like a celebrity.

Smile Makeover in Los Angeles

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is here to help you settle on the right procedure you need. Even now, Dr. Mobasser is engaging in remote consultations whenever possible, limiting actual procedures to emergency ones. If you are in need of an emergency procedure or perhaps would like a remote consultation, we can help you out. Just give us a call at (310) 550-0383 or request an appointment using our website.

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