Will veneers fix my smile?

Hi, I have small teeth that make me self-conscious. I want to improve my smile. I feel like my front teeth could be bigger, more square and whiter, and my lateral incisors bigger to match my front teeth. I am self conscious to smile showing my teeth. I also think I need a whitening treatment….

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Why Should You Opt for Dr. Anthony Mobasser for Your TMJ Issue?

Dr Mobasser is an expert when it comes to TMJ diagnosis and treatments, he has successfully treated hundreds of patients suffering from TMJ issues. If you want to get permanent relief from migraines or headaches, then you should only have your TMJ issues diagnosed and treated by an award-winning TMJ dentist in Los Angeles –…

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Sedation Dentistry Los Angeles – Dangerous or Not?

Dream to Have a Beautiful Smile – Wake Up Owning a Million-Dollar Smile This is one of the reasons people prefer the sedation dentistry Los Angeles services of Dr. Anthony Mobasser, known as the sedation dentist in Los Angeles to many stars and celebrities, who do not want to feel any discomfort while having dentistry…

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How to fix my front tooth

How to fix my front tooth that over sized and hidden in the back?

It is best to first consult the restorative general dentist first in regards to your front teeth, smile line and have a full mouth evaluation and examination done, and then see an orthodontist period. Since this will be the least invasive dental treatment. It will take some time, but it is worth it. A cosmetic…

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I recently had my first two crowns put on. Are they supposed to move at all and hurt when I have food in between them?

“I went to a dentist in November he did 2 root canals and left it open for 2 months then i came back he shaved them down and sent me home i was in throbbing pain for a week, the office had a 4 day weekend, i went to another dentist they wanted to just…

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Who is Really a Good Dentist in Los Angeles, Ca?

Who is the number one dentist in Los Angeles, California? You can perform a Google search. You can even ask your friends or loved ones about a good dentist in Los Angeles they can recommend. Most of them will point you to Dr. Anthony Mobasser. As a top-notch dentist, Dr. Mobasser is known for his…

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3 Options to Close Gaps For Front Teeth

Basically there are 3 options to close the gap for front teeth, and make your teeth, beautiful. Your options and the cost for each option is discussed below: 1-If your teeth are healthy, (no decay, cavity or leaking fillings) the best way to close spaces and gaps for front teeth is Orthodontics, and possibly invialign,…

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