Which is more expensive, a dental cap or veneer? What’s the difference between two?

Answer: Porcelain veneers by far are the least invasive vs Porcelain crowns. When having porcelain veneers more of your precious tooth structure is salvaged, and it is more conservative procedure than dental crowns.For more indications for porcelain crowns click here: https://www.celebritydentist.com/porcelain-crowns/ ​ ​ Cosmetically speaking veneers look far better than crowns. ​ It is best…

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Get Full Mouth Reconstruction with Award-Winning Dentist

Sometimes a dental Reconstruction or full mouth reconstruction is necessary to bring back your winning, gorgeous smile. This is especially true if you have worn out teeth, old dentistry, wanting to improve the function of your teeth, broken or missing teeth, or simply wanting to redo the cosmetics look of your smile. Having misaligned bite…

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Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist

Beverly Hills Dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser offers a wide array of general, cosmetic and periodontal services to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Hollywood. His considerable experience in numerous fields of dentistry, including his revolutionary integration of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Principle of Divine Proportion, makes him the most adept dentist in Beverly Hills. With…

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Dentist in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Not all people would love to go the dentist. If they do, they want a dentist who can give them utmost care and attention to saving their teeth for the rest of their lives plus detailed enhancements to the cosmetic looks of their smile; and a dentist who can make dental procedures as comfortable for…

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Hollywood Dentist

Hollywood Smiles with Hollywood Dentist

Every time that you are watching a movie or television show you likely notice the celebrities and stars on the screen and how great their smile  seem to look in each show or picture. Even when you see celebrities walking the red carpet at various awards shows not only are they dressed perfectly but they…

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