Oral Surgery: What You Need to Know

Oral Surgery: What You Need to Know

It seems like there’s a dentist on every corner in Los Angeles. Oral surgery in L.A. is a booming industry and it’s easy to find ads for cheap extractions, affordable crowns, cheap implants, teeth fillings, and whitening by countless practitioners. So, why is it so prevalent? Well, Los Angeles is Hollywood – the center of the universe for actors, artists, and celebrities, both current and aspiring. Most of them desire to “put their best smile forward”. They are willing to invest in the finest oral surgeons because, at the end of the day, the ability to smile confidently is priceless.

Selecting Your Surgeon

Here are a few things to consider when choosing an oral surgeon. This type of surgery is a field of dentistry that manages the treatment and diagnosis of oral conditions needing surgical interventions. This includes root canals, implants, pulling teeth, and the like. Typically a general dentist would recommend going to a dental surgeon if what is required is outside the extent of his profession. For instance, if a root canal is needed and the tooth is pretty far gone and the dentist believes the treatment needed is more specialized than he can provide, he would likely refer to an oral surgeon.

At this point, a bit of homework is needed. One would have to see if his dental insurance covers the suggested professional. If it does, that’s great. If not, it becomes necessary to shop around and perform further due diligence. This can become an overwhelming task. Of course one would have his list from the insurance company which would narrow it down. A lot of people talk to family and friends in search of recommendations. Such an industry in L.A. could actually be a small community as it appears like they all know one another.

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